TVolution: The latest evolution in entertainment from PLDT Home

Last June 8, PLDT Home launched the biggest and latest evolution in TV programming in the country – TVolution powered by the #1 streaming box in America, Roku. The pioneer in broadband, the first to merge landline and computer in the tablet and who is at the forefront of making the Philippines into a Fiber nation, PLDT on its 88th year, affirms its commitment to the Filipino family by bringing back the television – the traditional medium as the center of home entertainment through the most modern technology and the latest content available; catering to all possible interests of all members of the family. Imagine Cignal HD cable channels, Iflix, Netflix and Youtube in one remote – yes, only PLDT Home can make this happen.

This collaboration between PLDT Home and Roku, the first in Asia stores the four video streaming giants in this tiny box.
Andrew Wolf and Pia Wurtzback hosted the great unboxing.

These four giants in video streaming content in a single, teeny weeny remote is just one of the countless reasons why TVolution is a must-have for every home today. The small, customized remote, which I am so big on, is so easy to navigate through! Just press HOME then click the SOURCE you want to watch from, making switching from one source to another painfully easy! The not-techie-Mom-at-all will no longer need to yelp for help in navigating through it. Plus, plus, plus, the box itself is a literal plug-and-play kind – simple, effortless, no-brainer installation! Your TV just needs to be HDMI ready and you’re ready!

PLDT Home brings together the key players in the video streaming industry.
Easy and simple are such understatements on how non-techie friendly this remote is.
Great to see this KIDS SAFETY feature!

So many choices in a remote of very few buttons. Truly the simplest way to enjoy and flip through both pay TV and video on demand at possibly the cheapest rate for such an offer – P199.00/month. Wanna hear more? In the next Manny Pacquiao or UFC fight or NBA Championship match, you no longer have to pay EXTRA for subscription to watch the main bouts. Watch it in real time as if you are there live! Access to EVERYTHING is part of the plan. Simple, easy, convenient, affordable, what else can I say?

Overjoyed to find Peppa Pig on Netflix!
What truly made my night – finding ENCANTADIA on Iflix! Proud kapuso here!

I remember that time in College (10 years ago) when I would go to Metrowalk to buy DVDs of One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy and Dr. House or await for the latest episodes online – either to watch with loads of buffering in between or to download for a day. But today with just 5MBPS Fiber internet speed, we can enjoy uninterrupted, live streaming content at the very confines of our home with Roku-powered TVolution. Guess this is enough reason for me to indulge a bit more on television. I confess that I do not have enough patience to have so many subscriptions for more options for viewing. But PLDT Home, in its own initiative has provided this. As in the words of MVP – This is what the Filipinos need and what the Philippines deserves – yeah, we could use a little entertainment after a long day at work (and on EDSA). Thank you PLDT Home!

Present at the TVolution launch are the country and regional managers of Cignal, Iflix, Netflix, YouTube and Roku with PLDT CEO, Mr. Manny Velez Pangilinan .
In Uniqlo and Stan Smiths. Expecting this Geek Squad next week as they evaluate my home to make all corners Fiber-powered as well as hand me my own TVolution set. The GEEK SQUAD is PLDT Home’s group of licensed technicians whom all end-users can expect to answer all their tequeries.

I am beyond excited to learn that this is just the beginning of the many family-centered products and services that PLDT Home has lined up for the Filipinos this year. Can’t wait for the rest to be available to the public!

Proud to be a PLDT Home Mom. My home’s entertainment and security are all covered by the country’s most powerful broadband company.


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