As a last hurrah for the month of honoring our Fathers, as well as the other fathers in our families, we threw an Asian Boodle feast. We carefully chose a dish or two from certain countries that will complement the other dishes (explaining why we did not add curry as it may be overpowering). We drew lots which just made cooking more fun since we got to cook items we have never tried, or would not have chose (Tempura is quite tedious to prep!!!!).

Sorry that we didn’t have photos of humans enjoying the fight since our hands got dirty pretty early and we just forgot to document and focused on stuffing ourselves. It was a very good line up!

Here are our assignments:

Bettinna: Tempura, Sweet Chili Cabs & Steamed Lapu-Lapu

Kat: Chinese Fried Rice, Pad Thai & Laing

Nica: Sweet & Sour Pork, Korean Bulgogi, Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls

Oh what fun! We turned the recipes into recipe cards that you can easily take screen shots of or grab and drag to your desktop.

The hands down winners: Tempura, Pad Thai, Sweet & Sour Pork & Spring Rolls! Oh I am drooling again just recalling the past weekend!

Enjoy reading, salivating, cooking!


The [very very soon to be] Housewives

Never thought the day would come when I can make this at the very confines of my home!
Chilli and Crabs will never ever ever go wrong.
Clean and fresh-tasting. This dish spells healthy for the heart!
Yummified by Golden Lava!
Tastes like straight from the night street food market of Thailand!
Comparable to EDSA Shang’s Summer Palace. I kid you not.
A little on the sweet side with evap milk!
Definitely my Korean friends will approve of!
BEST. FRIED. SPRING ROLL. E.VER. My Dad craved for it the day after the boodle!

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