Hello! Hello! Hello! If you are reading this for the first time, I would like to thank you for making it to my passion page. I hope you would constantly visit to see if anything would appeal to your interest. Be it refreshingly new and simple recipes of timeless dishes you can prepare for your loved ones; enlightening devotionals to get you through the day; stress-relievers from Gummy’s stories, videos and anecdotes or thoughts on modern (solo) parenting; fitspiration to fuel you on your journey to a better and healthier version of YOU or just simply to discover new random finds and places to visit with the FamBam. I pray this will be the first of your many frequent visits! I am writing this “Welcome Article” to my Day 1 readers a few hours from the official launch. And as I sit down and reflect on the past month – from the day I decided to make a blog and I bought my domain name to today as I am about to share it with the public, I couldn’t help but smile and just say THANKS. Thank You, God for planting the idea in my heart. Thank you for enabling […]