My parenting principles are deeply rooted in my faith foundation as a Christian woman. I am able to successfully and single-handedly parent my happy and healthy little girl because of the values that my church (CCF) has been teaching me since day one (since September 2011) as well as the truths that the Bible contain and reiterate. And I can only attribute my parenting skills (though still need great polishing but nonetheless effective) to my sealed relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Because of the GREAT love that I know He has for me and I feel from Him, I am able to give, secure and teach the same to my daughter. (Remember, you cannot give what you do not have, right?) So allow me to share with you my very first published testimony of how the Lord has called me through the life of my daughter, and that same calling and turning point that He used that enabled me to be an effective parent to her. Because truly, apart from Him, I can do nothing. I am nothing. (John 15:5) I would like to believe that I AM A GREAT PARENT because of MY GREAT, LOVINGĀ  HEAVENLY […]