If there was a Pinoy dish that I was very eager to make as a first-time cook, it was Laing. I am sure that you will all agree that there is something about Laing that makes you drool and scream for rice. You GATA love Laing! (Another witty wordplay right there! Kidding!!!) Laing as most know is quite a tricky dish to cook especially when you are under experienced in the kitchen. Some say if you do not do it properly, the gabi that you add tend to make your tongue itchy. However I still pushed for this dish. Although I have had some tantrums that my Mom and Wowa (who are great cooks in their own right and kitchens!) had to endure along the way as I perfected this recipe. I remember one time I wanted to cook Laing for a group of people at work. I was so confident I could do it. And it turned out undercooked as the aing leaves didn’t quite absorb the coconut cream  while the bottom was already burnt! And the gabi was nothing but MAKATI! I felt I could still remedy it ON MY OWN. But my very thoughtful Wowa, in her […]