There was never a day in my 5 years of being a born-again Christian that I post my devotionals or bible scriptures or excerpts from spiritual readings that I do not get asked “WHAT BOOK IS THIS? WHAT IS THE TITLE? WHO IS THE AUTHOR? WHERE CAN I BUY?” So to give my readers a rundown of my FAVORITE sources – of prayers, reflections, inspirations, insights and wisdom, here are the 12 books that I treasure. In order of acquisition (bottom to top):


1. NIV (New International Version) Life Application Bible – My very first Bible. I was hooked on reading it because it had a schedule so you could read the Bible in 1 year (which to me is a good kind of pressure since its a timetable) AND it had explanations at the bottom of every page that expounds on the scriptures so you could better understand the context, the names of people and places and how they are significant to the story.


What I love about it:

  • It has practical life application content. It answers or gives you tips on “How do I apply what I just read in real life?”
  • There are character profiles where the background of every prominent Bible character is given – including their strengths and weaknesses. “What can I learn from this person’s life?” I found this a great addition to a Bible because there were characters I could  strongly relate to, I could empathize with, whom I want to be like or whose story can be a source of strength and inspiration. For instance, I wanna be like Job, whom despite his trials, remained faithful to the Lord and was never tempted to yield to the devil. I wanna be like Joseph because everything he handled prospered because God was with Him. When I feel that I cannot do something or that I am not capable I remember Gideon and David, who came from ‘normal’ families, marginalized, ‘unfavored’ – whom despite their claims of being “just ordinary people”, God nonetheless used to accomplish extraordinary things.

Available in all Christian Bookstores, such as House of Praise in Quezon Ave. and OMF Lit in Ill Terrazzo in Tomas Morato and Boni. Ave, and Cup of Faith in CCF Ortigas.

2. Power of a Praying Woman Bible enhanced by Stormie Martian (NIV) – If you’ve read her Power of a Praying Woman book, this is the perfect Bible to match that. Easy to understand with a substantial amount of prayers.


What I love about it:

  • It is teeming with prayers and study helps – great reflection materials that will help you dig deep in and do thorough introspection.
  • Prayer guides and verses for specific concerns. Verses to read when praying for relationships, your spouse, your children, for the world, for decisions, desires, emotions, faith, fears etc. I have learned that prayers become more powerful when you recite a verse.
  • It has a section on “What did Jesus say about…?” For your random questions that need immediate answers. It gives you the verses and scripture for you to gain better understanding of things from Jesus’ perspective to shape your opinion and stand on certain matters.

Bought my copy at the CCF Cup of Faith Bookstore in CCF Ortigas

3. The Daily Walk Bible (NLT) – This is the one I use at present. This is a Bible and Devotional in one.


What I love about it:

  • The format of the Bible where the daily devotions are integrated with the scheduled Bible chapters for the day.
  • The composition: It gives you an Overview of the readings for the day, My Daily Walk for the reflection part and Insight.
  • It provides a weekly review of what you must have inferred or learned from the past 6 days readings for you to look back, look up and look ahead.

Available at OMF Lit bookstore (Il Terrazzo and Boni Ave. branches)


Aside from the Bible, I also have a collection of Daily Devotionals, as well as supplementary spiritual readings.

4. The Power of a Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian. This is hands-down my favorite read of all time! Everytime I feel uneasy and I want to hear from the Lord more specifically, I grab this book, ask “Lord what do you want to tell me today?”, cut the book and it always opens in a chapter that speaks so loudly and clearly to me. It helps convict my heart, realign myself and guide my thoughts. This is the first book that as a single mother helped me wholeheartedly FORGIVE, EMBRACE MY SITUATION and MOVE ON.


What I love about it:

  • The chapters are all about seeking for God’s help in very particular situations, scenarios and struggles such as “Lord cleanse me and make my heart right before You…”; “Lord show me how to take control of my mind…”; “ “Lord bless me in the work I do…”; “Lord set me free from negative emotions…” This book was inseparable from my hand and was truly my manual for embracing my situation, letting go of my past, forgiving those who have hurt us and moving into the beautiful life the Lord has for us.
  • At the end of every chapter is a very real and honest prayer to God and a list of God’s Promises to you that you should claim.

This was a gift from my sister Ite Caress but available at the CCF Cup of Faith Bookstore in CCF Ortigas.

5. ONE YEAR Worship the King by Chris Tiegreen – My very first daily devotional book.

What I love about it: It gives the readers straight forward, easy to understand and an ample amount of reflection areas and discussion points of The Word (IN WORD) and the actions you may take to actualize and apply the reading (IN DEED).


I got my copy from Cup of Faith Bookstore in CCF Ortigas.

6. ONE YEAR Hearing His Voice by Christ Tiegreen – The devotional book that truly maintained my connection to the Lord that I really daily feel I could hear Him speaking to my heart.


What I like about it: From the Heart of God section every 7th day of the week. It is in “ ” form as if it was a love letter being read to me out loud by God Himself. The effects on me are very powerful, often bringing me to tears.

Available at OMF Lit as well as CCF Cup of Faith Bookstore in CCF Ortigas.

7. PRAYING WOMAN’S DEVOTIONAL by Stormie Omartian – a 2-minute per day read that is based not on dates or number of days (not 365) but on specific topics such as Crying out to God, Open my eyes Lord,  Praying for Godly Friends etc.


What I love about it: It is actually a more concise and more packed version of Power of a Praying Woman, with only a one-page reading per day and a very very short but meaningful and powerful prayer to end it. Great for those who may be so busy but are seeking to maximize their 10-15minutes of solid alone time with the Lord.

Bought my copy at the CCF Cup of Faith Bookstore in CCF Ortigas.

8. Strength for Today by John Macarthur – The topics are more profound and actually pushes you to dig deeper and really check your heart.


What I love about it:

  • I love the quotes and sayings that are very short but concise.
  • The readings are very thorough and although it has no prayers included, it has Suggestions for Prayer to guide you on how to pray regarding the matter discussed and do it effectively.
  • It provides Further Study points should you want to look more into the topic, it prescribes additional verses to read and reflect on.

Bought my copy at the CCF Cup of Faith Bookstore in CCF Ortigas.

9. Experiencing God by Henry and Richard Blackaby – The first devotional book that I gave out to my Mom and friends whom I know could benefit from a short guided morning reflection before they proceed with their day.

What I love about it: Truly short and straightforward. Could pass as a one-minuter devotional. But very effective to seamlessly lead you to a natural state of genuine reflection and prayer. After reading, I often found myself saying “Oo nga noh…” and then I am just quiet and like an empty vessel, I allow the Lord to fill me, to freely impress upon my heart.


Bought my copy at the CCF Cup of Faith Bookstore in CCF Ortigas.

10. Connected ka ba? How to Pray kahit Lo-batt Ka Na by Rei Crizaldo – A very good one-sitting taglish book covering step-by-step how to pray, elaborating on the main ingredient of prayer, which is FAITH.


What I love about it:

  • It was written by a Filipino and he contextualized our prayer habits as Filipinos. Crizaldo explained how our culture as Pinoys shape our prayer life, as seen in our “pagiging mahiyain” to ask for something because we know we did something wrong. As illustrated in the behavior of teenagers to their parents when they want to ask to go out, “kailangan mo muna magpagoodshot bago ka humingi kasi alam mong may atraso ka.” Or how it is so typical for Filipinos to express what they want without words through pointing with their lips or “pagngunguso”. A very humorous and easy read that will really improve your prayer life.
  • I learned that prayer really is a 2-way communication. It doesn’t start with reading a devotional and end after saying AMEN when you’ve stated your intentions. We often forget to make God talk. We often forget that we need to be quiet, still and intentionally LISTEN to what He wants to tell us AFTER we have told Him what we want.

Bought my copy at the CCF Cup of Faith Bookstore in CCF Ortigas. Also available at all OMF Lit branches.

11. The 10 Commandments for Choosing God’s Best by Leah Marasigan Darwin – Another easy read. Focused on single women. Of course I still desire to marry (because I want many more children), IF God wills it. And I want to be wiser in choosing the person I will give my heart to and spend the rest of my life with (for richer or poorer…). Listen to me when I say this, ladies: This book is THE GUIDE!


What I love about it: Every commandment is so striking. But the one I will not forget and I truly share to every single woman I encounter who may be tempted to engage in PMS or Pre-Marital Sex (intimacy outside of marriage; I’ve been through that and I can tell you HOW HARD IT IS TO RESIST) but reading the 9th commandment clearly made me understand WHY you should stay pure. And why I am now so convinced to BE PURE until THE DAY! It is not for God’s benefit (although of course abstinence means You are honoring Him) neither is it for your parents to benefit from. IT IS ACTUALLY FOR YOU! Ay basta, if you are a single woman, you MUST read this!

Available at Cup of Faith Bookstore in CCF Ortigas.

12. ONE YEAR MINI Daily Inspiration from OMF Lit – This is my most recent devotional book, which OMF Lit generously gave all the guests at my passion page launch.


What I love about it: The format. It starts with a Topic then states a question any human will ask. Followed by God’s Response or God’s Word (verse/s) and a brief explanation in simple terms. Closed by God’s Promise that you hold on to and keep in your heart throughout the day.

Available in OMF Lit bookstores.

I pray these books will enable you to have a deeper and closer walk with the Lord, enhance your prayer life, strengthen your faith, assist you in making decisions, fill you with wisdom and give you peace of mind and heart.


  1. Hi Ms. Bettina! Thank you for sharing your devotional books and Bibles. This is definitely a great guide for us in choosing which book we should buy, but I would rather choose all because they are all good reads hehe. Godbless you more and your family!

  2. Wasted my time reading someone else’s blog in search of a post about the life changing books she’s been reading only to find out.. she never wrote anything similar to this! Ha ha. She doesn’t want to share the book titles 🙁 Lol jk. Thank you Ms. Bettinna. There are many bloggers out there but you’re the only one who’s able to share this. You really are a Godpowered woman. 😉 Stay blessed!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing I always make sure to check on your ig everytime i finished my QT. it was like your post is the extension of something to reflect on for the day.
    Thanks dear. Be blessed! And continue to be a blessing to many

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