Rain rain go away….. that nursery rhyme actually expresses how sad our kids are when it rains because they cannot go out to play. And play is when they are actually running around and sweating and enjoying the afternoon breeze. But as Moms, we want our kids to enjoy everything – even playing in the rain. Because even swimming is extra fun while it’s pouring. So the question now is: How do we make sure that our rainy day activities are safe for them?


One way to make sure our kids are protected is by protecting their gut health. Do you know that the heart of our health is in our gut? And as long as they have a great amount of good bacteria, our kids are protected from within, and they do not easily get sick. How do you Moms ensure your kids’ safety?

I personally only count on Nido for years since I completely weaned Gummy off of my breastmilk. She was 3.5 years old when I made a switch from BM to powdered milk and there was no other brand for me but the same milk I took growing up. Nido 3+ is the ONLY brand in the market with Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®. What are these? They are millions of live good bacteria that helps build our children’s bodily defenses. Meaning even if they play in the rain or are exposed to classmates with cough and colds, the chances of them catching those viruses is low.

If Moms think that milk only provides calcium, think again. Because every glass of Nido 3+ does not only meet our little one’s growing bones’ needs but also good bacteria for strong tummy health with Prebio 3; as well as other vitamins, minerals and nutrients our growing children need for brain and body development.


When she turned 5 this year, naturally I switched to Nido 5+ because her needs have changed. Her needs for Calcium has increased. Much like how breastmilk content changes as the babies grow older, so Nido also has a variant for older kids. Nido 5+ has CALCI-N that helps build healthy bones by providing better calcium absorption, along with the good bacteria or Lactobacillus PROTECTUS® and DHA with ALA, LA, Folic Acid and Taurine all for brain structure development.

I give my child what I grew up with that also provides all that she needs. Lumaki akong malusog at hindi sakitin and I want the same for my child. Because I know firsthand na kapag laking Nido, protektado.

I wanna share this Nido #LakingNidoProtektado experience to you by giving away a box each of the Nido 5+ and 3+ Forti-choco. All you have to do is post below HOW YOU AS A PARENT ENSURE YOUR KIDS STAY SAFE DESPITE THIS ERRATIC WEATHER. Will choose 2 winners by 12mn tonight!


  1. hi Mommy Bites, gusto ko lang share ung akin not just a mother but also as a auntie and ate . my baby is 6Mos old now pag ka ganitong panahon syempre malamig i made sure na naka tshirt siya and pjs.. mahirap magkasakit ang baby kasi di nila kaya sabihin ano masakit sa kanila.. as for my nephew and youngest brother a 2yrs old and a 5Yrs old hindi maiiwasan na nag lalaro sila papawisan lalamigin ang likod at posibleng mag kasakit . lagi sila dito sa bahay at pagka ganitong panahon isa sa ginagawa ko is pinag tatake sila ng vitamins. di ko din hinahayaan na maulan or maambunan. hanggat maari nasa loob lanh sila ng bahay watch kami ng favorite nilang cartoon movies kain ng masustansyang pagkain at their age Marunong silang kumain ng gulay kasi tinuturuan ko sila na ang gulay at prutas ay maganda sa katawan pagka natutulog sila sa hapon pinapainom ko sila ng gatas bago matulog.. i treated them as my own kasi.. and i love them as much as i love my baby boy.. 🙂

  2. Hi mummybites! This is Karla Pauline A. Villanueva. First, I just want to let you know that I always visit your IG acct and im glad that you have this blog website where I can read some stories and payos from you. 🙂

    Despite our erratic weather, as a young mom of a 5month old baby girl, I make sure na the clothes that she wears is very comfortable. My baby is purely breastfed. And I feel so blessed that until now, I still have a milk. Kse nakakatipid kme and at the same time, I know that she will be healthy. And by reading your blog, I know now which brand of milk I will buy for my babylove! Just like you mummybites, laking nido din ako. Kung minsan pinapapak ko pa noon. Haha! ^_^

    Kpag lumaki na si baby, I also want whats best for her. I’ll make sure na mgging laking nido din sya. Just like Gummy. 🙂

    I also want to let you know mummybites that you and Gummy makes me happy and smile every night when I go to bed and check my ig. Hehe. Gusto ko when my little one is big na, the bond that you guys have, gusto ko ganun din kme. Thank You Ms. Bettina for being an inspiration! Godbless you and Gummy! :*

  3. I also just want to add that despite our erratic weather, I make sure that I cuddle her while she drinks milk from me. That is actually our daily routine before she goes to bed at night.. 🙂

    Nothing compares to the cuddle of a mom to her child. Her comfort zone!

  4. As a mom to a “terrific-two” years old daughter, ensuring to include lots of veggies and fruits in each of her meals plus daily dose of vitamins enable me to provide protection from any kind of under the weather condition. I also make sure that she drinks plenty of water and get enough rest (sleep).

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