MAMA KAT: “Be stronger than your strongest excuse!”

I live by that mantra since I started this fitness journey. I am a very busy mom of 2 and with zero help. Name it, I do it. Getting a fitness routine is the most challenging issue that ever existed for Moms. You will always have the best excuse to fool yourself. But let me tell you this: Laziness fuels laziness. The more you succumb into a vicious cycle of letting yourself go, the more it will ruin you in the long run. Mothers are the core of the society! Yes, you heard it right! Core! Foundation! Everyone depends on us. You have to be strong physically for your kids, and that means you have to love yourself with all your might by taking care of yourself above anyone else. 

Eating well is another thing. You have to nourish your body with unprocessed food. It is not that hard really, just take out all the junk in your home. Because believe me, if it is in your kitchen, you will end up eating it! 

Now back to working out… I have created the #bodybymamakat circuit specifically for Moms. I can only teach what has worked for me. My Instagram account @mamakatfitness has become my fitness diary over these years. There I was able to share my journey on everything fitness and wellness. Please make sure you do follow me there!

Let me end my first entry with my favorite punch line over the years… “If you have time to social media… You have time to workout!” 


One thought on “MAMA KAT: “Be stronger than your strongest excuse!”

  1. Indeed! I cannot agree more to you Mama Kat! 🙂 Laziness fuels laziness and if we do not act on it, our life will just be the same.

    Been seeing some of the routines you’ve given to ms. Bettinna on Instagram and I must say that I’m one envy mom here! Hehe. I just purchased a pair of dumbells and a mat and is starting my journey to a healthier me. 🙂 Thank you Mama Kat and Ms. Bettinna for inspiring us, moms. 🙂

    More powers to the both of you!

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