LOVE TO LAVA: Singaporean-style Salted Egg Crab & Salted Egg Fried Rice

I NEVER. NEVER. NEVER thought I could serve crabs in only 20minutes!!! From boiling to frying it to coating it in the GOLDEN sauce. Plus, I never knew that THAT delicious sauce would be such a breeze to make! Here’s how you can replicate the same!

5 ingredients is all you really need. If you can find curry leaves and chili paid then that makes 7. Otherwise you can honestly do without them! Here’s how the GOLDEN LAVA DUCK SAUCE comes in and makes everything so manageable to prepare and yet be so full of flavor and punch!

How easy can it really get?!?!?!?!

White rice does not complete the experience. Fried rice does! And Salted Egg Fried Rice at that! The secret, aside from the Golden Lava Duck sauce is a good mix of fat – from bacon and longganisa! YUM!

Not the usual dry fried rice. This one is perfectly coated in Golden Lava and egg!

Next step is to get a glass, fill it with ice, pour your favorite soda. Wash your hands. Sit down and dig in.  ENJOY!

S.E.C. (Salted Egg Crab) + S.F.R. (Salted Fried Rice) = T.D.F. TO DIE FOR!!!!