Pasta is truly one of the easiest dishes to make. In fact the sauce is so versatile it can even be as base for pizza or dipping sauce for bread or chips. You have the freedom to use spaghetti, macaroni, angel hair, penne etc. It can be baked or mixed as is. One of the challenges though as a Mom is to make your children appreciate the true flavors of dishes. At some point you want your kids to acquire the taste of adult spaghetti – the unapologetic italian version full of herbs, and not just grow up only knowing spaghetti in the familiar, typical sweet Pinoy-style we all were accustomed to. Although that one is undeniably comfort food for kids and kids at heart, children should also appreciate how adults like their food. So how do you reconcile and tweak a classic and meet your kids half way?

I did it by making a purely tomato based, herb-infused sauce with just a hint of guiltless sweetness using Coco Natura and still added the staple hotdog slices – or cheesed rather, after the specific request of my Gummy. You can even add minced mushrooms for more protein. And they will never know, you know. The recipe is 75% adult and 25% kid. Enjoy Mommas!

You can top this with slices of cheese and bake them at 350F for 15minutes just to let the cheese melt.


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