Hello! Hello! Hello! If you are reading this for the first time, I would like to thank you for making it to my passion page. I hope you would constantly visit to see if anything would appeal to your interest. Be it refreshingly new and simple recipes of timeless dishes you can prepare for your loved ones; enlightening devotionals to get you through the day; stress-relievers from Gummy’s stories, videos and anecdotes or thoughts on modern (solo) parenting; fitspiration to fuel you on your journey to a better and healthier version of YOU or just simply to discover new random finds and places to visit with the FamBam. I pray this will be the first of your many frequent visits!

I am writing this “Welcome Article” to my Day 1 readers a few hours from the official launch. And as I sit down and reflect on the past month – from the day I decided to make a blog and I bought my domain name to today as I am about to share it with the public, I couldn’t help but smile and just say THANKS. Thank You, God for planting the idea in my heart. Thank you for enabling me to pull off an event, which I normally do not do and in fact initially doubted I could do given the time constraint – But You truly are a God who makes all things possible. For inspiring my heart so I can write. For clearing my head so I can jot down and organize my thoughts. For touching the hearts of my partners – their generosity overwhelms me. For working all this out. This really is Your work. And I am simply an instrument. I am the hand that types, but Yours are the ideas.

The purpose of this passion page really is TO SHARE. To educate. To inspire. To empower. This is for women, single parents, adolescents, the lost, the searching, the insecure cook, the oven-phobic, and even the plain curious. I feel that I have been through quite a ride since I became an unexpected mother at 23.  Life has really taught me so much and the Lord nothing but good and gracious to me. And so what I feel I could do in return is to give the same that was given to me – the same joy, life, and hope through my everyday activities – because really there is great joy in the simplest and smallest of things. It is truly only a matter of perspective.

I believe (yes parang beauty pageant lang) that what I know does not serve me much unless I pass it on. I’ve always been big on sharing what I know. It’s just like hearing good news and you just can’t help but spread it everywhere. Tell it to everyone. That’s how I feel each time I pray and the Lord convicts me or speaks to me; every time I encounter a happy accident in the kitchen and the mishap turns out to be a new specialty dish, whenever I hear new words from Gummy that do not sound like they are from a 5-year old or when I finish a new parenting book and gained a new perspective (such as in using the rod to discipline); when I discover a new place to dine in with my clan or a quaint little dessert place to go on QT with my cutie; or when I sweat buckets from a 20-minute routine and the heart rate monitor screams 911! I feel like a cup so full I am overflowing with excitement and joy and all I wanna do is simply pour it over to others.

So there… really, all I wanna do – which actually I had been doing over on Instagram for the past 5 years, is to share. This time, though I structured and categorized everything for you so you won’t have to “back read” so much. And of course, they are more extensive and elaborate as ever! I pray to touch your life through my adventure-filled one. Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “HOLA FROM THE MOMMA!

  1. Hi Ms Bettina, I also followed you on instagram, I really Choosing what I Liked or followed on social media coz I really wanted to follow those who can help me in my Spiritual Maturity and also to make me grow in Life. Thank you for being inspiration and I really thank God because He gives you wisdom for this..God bless you more and more.

  2. Hi Ms. Bettinna… Im so glad that you have your personal blog na po. You inspired me for so many things. Being a single mother, building a deep relationship with the Lord. I am so lucky that I met you 6 months ago. Do you still remember me? Ako po yung pumunta sa inyo. 🙂 I will never forget that. Your so kind and beautiful and simple. I Love you po coz you inspired us. God Bless po! 🙂 <3

  3. Hi Bettina…THANK YOU. This will be part of my daily routine – to open your page.:) Malaking tulong eto for me, A.On how to enrich my relationship with the LORD B. to your recipes that I can also learn and prepare for my kids, (sobrang hirap din kc mag-isip ng daily meals being a working Mom) and the Mama Kat’s corner…ginagaya ko na kasi yun mga workout routines mo and even yun gym essentials mo as in binili ko na din lahat. Good luck and more power….and GOD Bless You always…

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