I’m not asking about your kind of man, ha. I’m asking what your blood type is. 🙂

I know this Blood Type-based diet has been around for years now. But only recently did I finally jump into using it as a guide for OUR food – yes, mine and Gummy’s.

It all started when I consulted my daughter’s Pedia about this itch Gummy has on her antecubital fossa or more known as the elbow pit (that crease in the arm where needles are inserted for blood extraction). She would have urges to terribly scratch that part, even in her sleep. It results to a deep red brown patch of dry skin. The doctor asked me then to check her food. I said she has no known food allergies. Then she suggested that I 1. Buy Physiogel to slather on it and 2. to head to the bookstore and get a copy of “Eat Right 4 Your Type”. Both helped, of course but it was really the new diet that made the itch go away.

Gummy and I are both type Os. Upon browsing through the list of BEST and WORST kinds of food for us, I discovered the culprit: BREAD! I seldom eat bread. But Gummy ALWAYS has a slice of bread with her eggs and milk EVERY morning. Type Os apparently are supposed to avoid gluten at all costs – yep, pretty much everything I bake and everything that children love – pasta, pizza, cakes name it, we’re not supposed to take it.

But altho gluten is suggested to be highly avoided by type Os, Gummy and I do not have Celiac disease (cannot at any cost take anything with gluten). Our bodies just react adversely when we ingest anything with white flour and wheat! That’s also the reason why my homeopathic doctor asked me to go on a GF diet while I was detoxing (both organic juicing and colon cleansing). I had too much gluten in my body that it was causing a leaky gut and my body was attacking itself thinking that gluten is an enemy!

The BTDiet basically is about fueling your body with the right kinds of food for it to run efficiently – maximizing your energy and avoiding diseases and early complications. The simplest analogy used was putting gasoline in a diesel engine! When you put the wrong fuel, the car either runs slow or does not run at all or breaks down!  And you can definitely expect further complications. Makes perfect sense right?

The book also discussed and elaborated on the history behind the different blood types – why type Os are carnivores (first man = meat-eaters!) as well as the personalities, behavior and stress-coping mechanism of each type. Type Os respond to stress by doing intense physical activities (type Os are naturally athletic! Is it coincidence that world renowned athletes and champs (most if not all) are actually Type Os?)

The biggest revelation in my GF journey is knowing that food allergies are NOT digestive problems but are immune system reactions to certain kinds of food! Our bodies create antibodies to fight off the intrusion of those kinds of food into our system.

Are you a Type O? Then today is yo lucky day! Here are the things you need to know:

We are meat-eaters. We thrive on animal protein (Mama Kat was actually the one who reintroduced me to eat red meat again after 4 years of not having any because she is also a believer of this diet)

High protein diet is best for us due to first man’s hunter-gatherer way of living. Our stomach has high acid content and can metabolize animal protein.

SO-SO: chicken, duck, turkey, oatmeal, carrots, celery, bokchoy, arugula, asparagus, garlic, red wine



  • “hunter-mode”/ RELEASE as response to stress
  • responsive to vigorous, intense and heavy exercise (weight loss and balanced living)
  • beneficial activities: swimming, jogging, weight training, running on the treadmill, martial arts,contact sports, cycling, brisk walking, dancing

PERSONALITY PROFILE (not always true but proves insightful)

  • strong
  • enduring
  • self-reliant
  • daring and risk-taker
  • intuitive
  • innately positive (optimistic)
  • focused & driven
  • certain

(Any of my type O readers agree to have these traits above?)

I highly recommend that you get yourself a hard copy of the book. Although you may find many sources online, it would be more convenient to have it compiled in a book for your family members and friends’ reference.

Eat right for your type!