Shining Moment with Johnson’s Shiny Hair Drops!

(WARNING: Proud Momma moment!!!! )

How wonderful is it have my daughter endorse a product from a brand that has been patronized by our family for generations! Especially since this particular product is newly released in the Philippine market.

I’m sure most of you have heard of or seen for yourself the new Johnson’s Shiny Drops Shampoo – you can’t possibly miss its shiny, bright pink bottle (such an eye candy). Shiny Drops is Johnson’s Baby’s effort to address the different and changing needs of our growing children, while ensuring that they still get the amount of gentle and loving care they need because well, they are still our babies, right? (I think they will forever be!)

What Mothers of school-age children need is an effective and yet mild shampoo formulation that gently cleanses and retains long-lasting fragrance despite our kids’ activities – indoors or out in the sun! What most mothers do though is to resort to adult shampoos that yes, may do its job but are in truth not as beneficial as we think! The composition of adult shampoo is harsh and harmful to our precious little ones’ sensitive scalp and thin hair. The use of adult shampoo on kids’ hair makes it brittle, prone to tangles and damage.

At one point I was also tempted to do such. Gummy has been going to big school for two years now and for a time I would wonder why she’d come home “amoy araw” when they don’t even go to the field! I knew then that her physical needs are changing as she is becoming more and more active. As Moms, we have this endless pursuit of products that will be nothing but the best for our children. Johnson’s Shiny Drops Shampoo proves to be the best hair care formulation for me for my little one.

One of her favorite things to do: bathe… IN A BABY TUB! See, she is STILL my baby!

First of all, it still has the unique No More Tears formula that glued us (and our Moms and Grandmothers) to all Johnson’s shampoo variants. Johnson’s Shiny Drops is called such because of its Argan oil content. (Yep that very same “miracle oil” that that us adults use for our hair skin and nails!). The formulation is also pH balanced thus it is gentle to the scalp. Yes, mild and yet fragrant! And of course it is a given that just like all J&J products, it is tested and approved by pediatric dermatologists and is hypoallergenic! So with Johnson’s Shiny Drops Shampoo us Moms can be assured that from this product we get the shine, smell and care we want for our tots’ sensitive hair.

Since we started using Shiny Drops August of last year, I no longer had to  deal with Gummy’s morning “Magma Man” hair (magulo and buhol-buhol hair). We don’t fight anymore when I brush her hair because of the tangled ends. Styling is no longer a challenge because our base is already soft. And on days she just really wants to let her hair down there is no worry of messy, knotty hair. She could comb her hair with her fingers!

Goodbye Maga-Man! No more brushing bouts in the morning!

As for the scalp smell of course, well for months now she comes home as bango as when I dropped her off in school.

Our hair care routine has been running so smoothly – literally, and perhaps the only downside would have to be that she takes loooooonger in the mirror combing her hair! Hahaha! Really! She thinks that the more she combs, the longer it will grow! Like Rapunzel’s! But kidding aside, she just really loves how the brush effortlessly slides down the tips of her hair.

So now that we already have the best hair care product that addresses the physical needs of our growing girls, now we move on to the aesthetic demands! Have you noticed that your girls are starting to suggest hairstyles that they want you to do on them? Perhaps they’ve seen in their classmates or on Youtube or from Disney princesses. (One of the most demanding hairstyles ever is Princess Elsa’s braids!). Allow me to share with you three kinds of hairstyles that are quick and neat and makes our kids presentable-looking. So regardless of the occasion, they always SHINE!

feel free to play with the clips to tie both braids!

The first is my favorite Half Braids for Gummy. Her default school-do because in the morning we are pressed for time but I never want to sacrifice how she looks. No Mom would ever want their girls to go to school looking unkempt!

we love wearing matching outfits and even terno hairstyle and hair accessories!

For times when there are activities, we always want the hair to be away from the face (and never ever on our food!). But we do not want the usual plain pony tail always. Maybe this High Braided Bun would be a better, cuter idea.

close enough to braids but faster, easier and more fun to make!

And finally, I’m sure Most moms tend to panic when its graduation day or there’s a school performance or there are flower girl commitment for our little ones. We want a special do that’s new and yet not complicated but we don’t have much ideas in mind! Maybe you would consider this One-sided Rope Twisted Bun next time.

After sharing with you OUR Shiny Hair Time videos, now it’s your turn. I want to gift 5 Moms with a set of Johnson’s Shiny Drops Shampoo & Conditioner. All you have to do is share three different hairstyles you love doing on your girls. Post them on Instagram, tag me (@abettinnacarlos), Johnson’s Baby (@johnsonsbaby and @johnsonsbabyph) and use the hashtag #StillMyBaby. So easy right! I will pick winners over the weekend and announce on Sunday!

Can’t wait to learn more quick, neat and presentable dos and hear my fellow Moms’ Shiny Hair Time!

feeling adult with her hair wrapped in a towel but CLEARLY #StillMyBaby!