So everybody knows THE BOSS was in town for TLC Festival 2016 this weekend, right? Buddy Valastro, who despite being known for his title as CAKE BOSS, true to his name really is just everybuddy’s Buddy, a gentle unassuming warm person to everybody.

I’m not gonna say much about this unimaginable surreal experience and just let my photos do the talking. But allow me to share just two things I brought home with me last Sunday.

His heart, humility and hardwork. How Buddy managed to gain the respect of everybody twice his age when he took over his father’s baking business at the age of 17 was done through modeling exactly what he wanted his people to learn and do. He was always the first in the kitchen and last to leave as he would be scrubbing floors with them, which he says he does up to this day. He believes in doing something yourself first before asking others to do it too. And you can’t demand people to do something you yourself do not do. He wanted his people to work hard so he showed it. He wanted his workers to respect him so he showed it first. It is this emanating mindset and heartset that he has that makes him well-loved and well-respected anywhere he goes.

His determination and positive self-talk. One thing his works prove is that there is NO CAN’T. There is no idea or imagination he and his people cannot turn into a tangible towering treat. From their best selling cannoli to the humongous transformer cake. Buddy extends this idea to any passions in life one may have. So long as you see something (anything) and think it and believe it, you can do anything. Never think you CANNOT because YOU CAN. THERE IS NO CAN’T. 

So enough of me, and now more Buddy!

Shangri-La Fort’s Bonifacio Hall was transformed into a TLC studio.



There were only 30 slots for this particular Masters Class, comprised of food enthusiasts, home bakers and food & lifestyle bloggers.


My station. You know it truly pays to be early! I was in front! I arrived 30 minutes early. WOOOHOOOO!


Next to Donita Rose, who was the host, I felt closest to Buddy while he was on stage! Hah!


THE CAKE BOSS showing technique and proving it’s not TV magic. He really can decorate!

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-11-38-21-amMy seatmate was Cy Ynares of @thebaldbakerph. We were both starstruck!


Here we gooooooo! I was SUPER nervous!


Pretending I knew what I was doing….

Guys I have a confession…

I really have no creativity!!!!

What made me say so??? (scroll down)


LOOK NAMAN!!!! Hahaha what a no brainer. The most decent decoration was 2D pa. The rest, the three at the back were purposely slightly blurred so as not to embarrass myself further. HAHAHA!

So the cupcake decorating activity was just a front actually… The afternoon was really intended to interact with Buddy! It was the BEST part. Buddy made sure to go around the hall and talk to every single participant. He took time and mingled and joked and signed photos and shook hands and did selfies.

Here’s mine:



Because my brother Ton of @allboutcakesbyallen was out of the country during the weekend, I still made sure to give a piece of Buddy to him. So I printed out his Instagram page and a photo of him at work to have it signed. You’re welcome, brother. 🙂


And now for MY MOMENT………..

I asked Buddy to sign my Family Celebrations book which I’ve had for a while. And this is how THAT moment went.


I received like a 4-second HUG from one of the most adorable and admirable celebrity bakers in the world!!!!!


Thank you Buddy for the privilege of meeting you and speaking to you. You don’t know the inspiration you breathe into humble homebakers like me. GOD BLESS YOU TREMENDOUSLY, CAKE BOSS! I love you! We love you! Everybuddy loves you!

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