I cannot emphasize just how much I LOVE breakfast food. And how great breakfast makes my day. And how collaborating with our favorite breakfast place for 3 years now pretty much made our year!

Excited is such an understatement when Early Bird approached me to collaborate with them for my favorite season of the year. I was over the moon and beyond thrilled to actually pitch and contribute items for their holiday menu. I love how my concepts and fusions and life stories were integrated and transformed into actual, tangible, tasty dishes. Rightful commendation to Chefs Matt and Matt (Yes, there are 2 Matthews in the EBBC kitchen).

Allow me to share with you the stories and inspiration behind every dish we co-created with Early Bird Breakfast Club.

To start with why not munch on Malunggay toasts smothered with Tinapate?


I love bread. In whatever shape, color, size, softness or crust they come in, I love them. I can live without rice but certainly not without bread. I also love making our own bread at home (from scratch, hand-kneaded that is) as a table staple. Pandesal is the reason why I got into bread making and baking. I grew up with pandesal on the dining table for breakfast. Everyday we’d have hot fresh pandesal from the neighborhood bakery. Even though we had sinangag, fried eggs and tinapang bangus – my all-favorite breakfast viand. This combo of crisped up slices of bread paired with Tinapate made of smoked milkfish certainly evokes memories of my childhood mornings. Oh did I mention that this is a personal, prized recipe I entrusted to Early Bird?

Maybe you would want to start your day with a cold, energizer drink? DinoTella certainly is one sure way to wake you up and pump you up with happiness.


I was never into hot drinks that you add ice to to make them cold. Hot chocolate and coffee MUST be hot for me. Until I came across Milo Dinosaur.

I remember that day at work two years ago. It was after lunch, mid afternoon and I was craving for something sweet. Our utility man said they don’t have anything sweet. Just Milo. I said Milo is for kids. And it was such a hot day to be drinking Milo. And then he introduces me to MILO DINOSAUR. My, where have I been all this time! How come I never experienced that anywhere else! Haha since then I fell in love with Milo. So Gummy and I enjoy it. Drinking, eating the ice. And eating milo powder stuck to the ice cubes!

One more chocolate that I love is NUTELLA. Obviously why I made Nutella Rocks and not Hershey Rocks or something. No doubt I love Nutella spread like most people do. My daughter shares the same preference. I thought it would be nice to combine these 2 in a drink – with Milo Dinosaur as the base and topped with whipped Nutella Cream and drizzled with Hazelnut Nutella, finished off with Milo powder and Milo Cookie made by yours truly. Energy overload, right?

I always want my first meal of the day to be not just happy but also a very filling one. We all know that protein is a must in our diet. Especially in the morning. But for the more conscious ones like you and I who carefully watch what goes into our plates, a higher amount of protein and more controlled carbs would best fill our physical requirements. This Stuffed Chicken with RisOAT-oh is the perfect dish for us! Filling us with the right amount of nutrients our bodies need, without having to compromise flavor and all the good stuff. And yes, certainly this has cheese!


I merely suggested to the chefs that my go-to low carb-high protein combo is grilled chicken breast and oats. I normally make Oatzcaldo (oat-based arrozcaldo) as my only savory oat-based dish. But they presented me with a new way of creating by using steel cut oats as the base of risotto, replacing arborio rice. How astounding!  They couldn’t have done a better job at combining those two! Say it with me: happy tummy with ZERO guilt.

Finally, why not conclude your day – or first meal of the day, on a sweet note? And make it even more exciting by adding a bit of kick into it. My palate really lies more on the sweet and sour combination. I love desserts that have tart in them – the tugging of sugar and acid! Lemon bars or cranberry-orange quick breads or calamansi muffins. Oh I just love those!

Another flavor I am certainly in love with is Matcha green tea. I love anything with green tea. I like it in bread or cheesecake form! Putting these two elements churned this Green Tea Calamansi Cheesecake. Spell K-I-L-I-G. Asim-kilig!


Think Calamansi Muffins of Real Coffee Boracay – my all time favorite sweet and sour flavor in bread form but make it velvety and light and rich in consistency as a cheesecake – a green tea cheesecake at that! Top it with fresh strawberries. OH! OH! OH! Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday to me!

Other favorite menu items this Christmas season are Early Bird Breakfast Club’s Smores Hot Chocolate Drink, Choco-Mallow Pancake with chocolate-covered ice cream lollipop (whaaaaat are you waiting for????) and of course the Christmas staple, THE famous Puto Bumbong Pancakes. Run run run to Early Bird NOW!!!



Early Bird Breakfast Club branches are located at Century Mall Makati, Fort Strip BGC, Eastwood Mall, Nuvali Sta. Rosa.


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