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Last May 27, I, together with The Housewives of The Cookbook Club celebrated Mother’s Day (for the last time this year, before The Fathers’ month  comes in) with an intimate group of Moms and their kiddos to prepare family favorites using the latest Oster product – The Oster Ball Mason Jar Blender. It is a privilege for our Cookbook Club to host the first #OsterKitchenConversations again in a long time and to be launching their new baby as well. Thank you Oster!

In honor of Moms who are naturally SUPERMOMS, we decided on a laid back, casual Country Fair theme,  where food is always familiar, comforting, and satisfying – something Moms always bear in mind when serving their families – yet are such a breeze to prepare with Oster’s help. A no-sweat menu our Moms can prepare for the entire family simply because prep time has been cut down to more than 50% off the time and so with more time to spend on plating and styling, making homemade food even more appetizing than straightforward, casual country fair food presentation.

Welcome popcorn snacks and lemonade for everyone. (And crayons for the kiddos at the art station!)

There sure is something for every member of the family at a fair! However, being the modern housewife wannabes that we are, we intentionally always want to offer something new on the table so we tinkered with traditional fair finds and modernized it to adapt to present-day needs – like for instance, the Super Food Power Salad Smoothie – instead of knifing Momma’s usual leafy salad – her go-to, low-cal, nutrient-packed meal, she can just slurp it down and still be getting on with her work (or chores) with just what, 5 minutes of prep?

Of course we also managed to sneak in more wholegrains in our children’s favorite Chocolate milk shake – but this time making it cereal-based, without adding any refined sugar- I swear there is no difference in flavor nor texture! Mind trick! Excited yet?

So here’s how that day turned out. I invited co-parents with Gummy’s classmates, some Mummy blogger friends as well as two Instagram contest winners, who both got to take home their own Oster Ball Mason Jar Blenders! (See the reward in joining online contests? You really win!). The kids helped out 80% of the time since all they had to do was dump in all the ingredients in the mason jar, cover it, flip it over, mount on the blender base and press down to blend. The rest of the time they spent running around the Miele Kitchen showroom with corndogs on one hand; or coloring in the kids’ station (because Team Oster anticipated their need for a creative activity).

The Workstations at the foreground and our Fellowship table behind.
How adorbs the table setting!
Personalized with the collab name! #OsterXMummyBites <3
Welcome to #OsterKitchenConversations with #TheCookbookClubHousewifeEdition for #OsterKitchenConversations. (with our special guest – Ton!) Hashtag overload? Haha!
The modern [aspiring] housewives in Stan Smiths, dressed in aprons, the traditional way! Ready to serve you!

We took turns demonstrating our assigned dishes, showing how kitchen and time-efficient the Oster Ball Mason Jar Blender is. Cutting prep time means more time to be creative and artsy in plating! Presentation must never be sacrificed, even with daily, comfort food!

Intently listening!
I love conducting Mom and Kid cooking sessions and seeing the children behaved, cooperative and interested!

Here you go!

For starters I shared my personal recipe of corndogs. This is so legit! Tastes like those in kiosks outside the movie houses!


Perfect with anything crispy on the side – be it fries, chips or nachos!

Ate Kat showcased two pasta sauces. Spaghetti for the kiddos and Kale Pesto for the parentals! Don’t worry, the kale left no bitter aftertaste, but nonetheless packed with all the good stuff in it. We are all after not just flavorful but also nourishing food right?

Involving your children in making your food makes meal times even more gratifying.
Vitamin K from Kale!
Pasta cart alert! Please give way!
Spending time with the family in the kitchen is always memorable for everyone.

I also shared my prized homemade buttermilk parmesan chicken nugget pops. As much as possible, I refrain from frozen, store-bought nuggets. A momma must always make from scratch!

Pasta party! Pasta is always the quickest dish to prepare yet most filling and definitely everyone would love to devour. Hi, Carbs!
The art of pasta plating. DND. :))
Pesto sauce made in an instant but from scratch with the Oster Ball Mason Jar Blender.

Next, Nica prepared a Salad Smoothie, a nutrient-dense, “meal drink” for ladies on the go. Yup,  your salad bowl stuffed in a jar, blended so you can enjoy without disrupting the work you gotta do!

Made even fancier-looking by making it two-toned. Rich in antioxidants from the strawberries, potassium from the banana and all the fiber from the greens one needs! Oh extra energy boost from the seeds, too!
The beauty of blending: Physically, we cannot consume the fruits and vegetables our bodies need daily. But blending them makes consumption more manageable, not to mention enjoyable.
Do not be deceived by its size! The Oster Ball Mason Jar Blender can blend frozen fruits, as well as crushed ice!

I also made the healthiest version, yet closest to the real thing, Pseudo-Choco Milkshake by using chocolate-sprayed, vitamin-fortified Koko Krunch cereals as base to get that chocolate flavor, without having to add any more sugar.

Sorry though that there was no actual documentation of the finished product since the kids gulped them down as soon as the blender lid was removed! Funny but true. Chocolate really never fails!

Here is proof though that we really made it 😉

I read out the ingredients and Gummy just dumped everything right in!

Finally, Ton, as our special guest took care of the baked dessert. He chose a mug cake – nope not the microwave cooked kind.

Nothing beats comfort food dessert like banana split. But innovated and elevated to become a layered cake jar.
Calling all sweet-toothed!
Possibly the most kid-friendly of all blenders!
Kitchen bonding with Oster.
Big smiles for all the food we happily, worked hard on to prepare and are about to share as well as with the news that everyone gets to bring home their own Oster Ball Mason Jar Blender! Yay!

Food prepared with love!


All prepared using The Oster Mason Jar Blender. Though our event lasted for four hours, this set will take just a little over an hour to prepare at home! Given that the kids are busy with their own thing! Hah!

Fellowship took place after all the cooking. All Moms sat down on one long table for an exchange of thoughts on motherhood and wife-related matters of course while enjoying the labor of our hands! Their common advice to us aspiring Mrs.? Find a man who loves the Lord, has the same belief and who adores and loves children. 🙂

Watch out for the next Cookbook Club event with Mummy Bites and The Housewives. We are cooking up one that’s only for the single ladies!


For now, I say take advantage of the P400.00 off and FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE offer when you avail from the first batch of Oster Ball Mason Jar Blenders when you order through the Oster website.

vintage color LOVE.

Just use my code: MummyBites.

Promo is only for the month of June!

Hope you enjoy the ease and beauty of blending just like we did!



The [will-be] Housewives 😉

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