Chemist for a day: A sneak peek into the Johnson’s Research Lab in Singapore

On my second year as a Johnson’s Baby #ABCCirle member, I finally make it to the annual gathering of Asian Momfluencers. Held at Singapore this year, I joined Day 3 for the Lab Tour at the newly renovated Consumer R&D site. This facility is solely for the purpose of developing and testing new Johnson’s Baby products. From conception to shelving, all studies and testing happen in this research center before the formulation is sent to China for manufacturing.

Before the actual lab tour, we were reintroduced to the full mission and vision of Johnson and Johnson.

Asian Moms come together to be the first to hear baby skin care news and updates straight from Johnson & Johnson.
Welcoming our newest #ABCCircle member: Joy Sotto
The company’s commitment to its consumers: to live longer healthier and happier lives through their carefully formulated, clinically proven gentle, safe and effective products.

In the words of Chief Technology Officer Josh Ghaim, Johnson & Johnson’s mission is to “care for people around the world by developing innovative products and solutions that are grounded in deep human insights, backed by science that is intuitive and provide irresistible experiences.”

Johnson’s Baby, the brand that invented baby care, continually proves their unwavering commitment to providing the BEST care for our babies.

A holistic approach to product development. With OUR babies’ safety THEIR utmost priority.

For one, the claims on their product seals manifest it. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE CLINICALLY-PROVEN GENTLE SEAL AND NO MORE TEARS FORMULA SEAL UNDERGO VARIOUS SAFETY EVALUATION TESTING BY THIRD PARTY PEDIATRICIANS, DERMATOLOGISTS AS WELL AS OPTHALMOLOGISTS? Those seals are not decorative. They are backed up by strong scientific evidence. The clinically-proven gentle formulas made Johnson’s the most trusted name in the baby skin care for 125 years to be precise.

Secondly, Johnson’s ensures to provide products tailor-fit to the changing needs of growing babies and children all over the world, unique to their specific physiological requirements. DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS A JOHNSON’S SHINY DROPS SHAMPOO VARIANT SPECIFICALLY FOR CURLY HAIR IN SOUTH AFRICA?

A complete hair care line formulated specifically for curly hair.

Gummy and I for Johnson’s Shiny Drops Shiny Hair Time! This series of  hair tutorial videos that came out early this year. Shiny drops is specifically for school-age girls.

Finally, Johnson’s introduces new products or improved formulations every year. Last year, with Marian Rivera-Dantes and baby Zia as the endorsers, they launched the Johnsons’ Milk + Oats in the Philippine market. This year they are coming out with a line reformulated for NEW BORNS – The Top-to-Toe Sensitive Touch baby wash and lotion. DID YOU KNOW THAT IT TAKES 32 STEPS and 2 YEARS FOR JOHNSON’S BABY TO CONCEPTUALIZE, FORMULATE, TEST, TEST AGAIN AND FINALLY MANUFACTURE AND DISTRIBUTE NEW PRODUCTS COMMERCIALLY?

The logic behind this rigorous and meticulous 32-step process is Johnson’s guiding brand approach: First to understand the unique needs of babies in order to develop the best products with safety in mind. Let me say that again, to produce THE BEST FOR OUR BABIES WITH SAFETY IN MIND. No doubt Johnson’s is the number 1 baby skin care brand Moms trust.

No need to brag any further, the generational patronage is sufficient evidence in the trust that mothers [and grandmothers] place on this brand.

Here’s how my stint as a Johnson’s chemist for half a day went. Enjoy the photos as well as the trivias!

Complete chemist get up
How does Doc Bettinna sound like? Nah… Doc Mcstuffins still sounds way better! :p
This chart explains the physiological reason why baby skin is prone to dryness and irritation. Moisture easily escapes and therefore there is a need to supply extra moisture as well as lock it in.

TRIVIA: Baby skin is naturally dry. And most Moms are not even aware of it! Proactive care is needed: Moisturize with both body wash and body lotion, most especially for newborns.

The highlight of my lab tour was our DIY activity. We were divided into three groups and the challenge was as simple as thoroughly mixing all ingredients together. Of course the Filipinos worked together.

with Shari and Joy
A + B + C + D + E + F = Johnson’s Baby Top to Toe Sensitive Touch baby wash! As simple as that. Really this takes 2 years? KIDDING!
The secret recipe in an indecipherable language. 😉
Ensuring that everything is mixed homogeneously and that there are no bubbles. The baker in me at work! Can you guess who won?
TEAM PHILIPPINES!!!!! This was really a very glorious moment for us!

We were also enlightened about the differences in water content (hard water) as well as its effect on our skin!

Mineral water: good for the body but not on skin? How true?

TRIVIA: Did you know that not all water is the same? Water sure may be good for the body when you drink it. But not necessarily on the skin when you used to wash. The mineral content in water such as Calcium and Magnesium make the water “hard” therefore are harmful when used externally as they cause dryness and irritation. Therefore there is a need for a gentle cleanser to soften it – sort of to embrace the hard molecules. This is where clinically-proven, mild and gentle Johnson’s Baby products come in.

How far does Johnson’s go to ensure the safety of their products? They go through five levels of assessment!

TRIVIA: Of course Johnson’s cannot test their products on babies. Instead they conduct what is called a Product Patch Exaggerated Test, wherein they evaluate the safety of  products on adults for allergic reactions and possible irritation on a set, repetitive and cumulative time. Continual evaluation through consumer testing is a must before products are finally launched.

 After half a day of science and chemistry, I come home to my this…
A happy and
[literally] bubbly baby.
Who grabs my glasses and wants to be scientist like Mummy!

Thank you Johnson’s Baby for continually initiating efforts to collaborate with those who only want the best for their children in order to provide the best for them!

Johnson’s Baby’s Asian Baby Care Circle of Momfluencers, who come together in partnership with Johnson & Johnson as an effort to further improve their products for our babies. Beyond happy to finally be present for the family photo!

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