Made recipe cards of the the soup-based dishes I made last week. For some reason I was extra inspired to reinvent traditional Pinoy sabaw. Although of course the Tinocnut was shown on Idol Sa Kusina last weekend. The idea behind it is just a milkier and more coconutty version of  Chicken Binacol, minus the coconut meat but with the addition of toasted Niyog on top. I made a slight variation from what we made on the show by using all coconut juice for the soup.

Here is a printable instruction card. PS: You can also call this dish CocoNola (hahaha! I really do have a thing for combining and playing with names, have you noticed?):

As for the Fried Singang, I just really wanted to make a different soup base (green mangoes), and fry the meat with a hint of sourness to them. Simply because everybody in the house LOVES Sinigang.

Maybe I will do this also with pork belly!!! Oh myyy I could already feel the soft steak (as Gummy prefers to call it) crispy yet so soft inside melting in my mouth and just sliding down my throat EFFORTLESSLY (and then straight to my arteries! Lagot!).

Enjoy making these SOUPERSTARS for the fambam and tinkering further with my recipes.  Let me know how YOUR versions go, okay? Happy cooking! Cook with love! Cook with faith!