LOVE TO LAVA: Golden Lava Salted Duck Egg Yolk Sauce

So everyone has been raving about which Salted Egg Potato Chips really tastes the closest to Singapore’s Irvins… And considering that more than 50% of my siblings are into FOOD – both making and indulging (and yes, we have had our fair share of trying MOST SEPChips available in the market) we decided to make our own… And in the process of also decided to sell it. IT IS THAT GOOD. We cannot keep it to ourselves!

In our attempt to jump in the bandwagon, we did not create just another kind of potato chips, but a multi-purpose sauce that you can use to create THE BEST KIND OF SALTED EGG POTATO CHIPS in the very confines of your home. Not only that, the Golden Lava Sauce is well not just any other sauce – it is a sauce+spread+dip. It can be whatever you want and need it to be!

So start off, let me let you know that one of the best ways to use this sauce is as a pasta sauce base. As you may have seen on my Instagram post today, I used it to create my Creamy Curry Shrimp Fusili Pasta. And because it is too good not to share, here is HOW you can make it.

What you need:

And HOW you will make it:

I know all of you are curious HOW TO ORDER and for HOW MUCH. So let me tell you.

The Golden Lava Salted Egg Duck Sauce is priced at P350.00 per 200g jar BUT… BUT! As an introDUCKtory price, we are offering it at P300.00 per jar for the first 100 jars!!! We offer FREE DELIVERY anywhere in Metro Manila for 2 jars and above. For orders of 1 jar only, we charge P100.00 delivery fee.

To order:

  1. SMS 0917.861.BITE(2483) for your banking preference – BPI or BDO bank deposit.
  2. Viber deposit slip with your NAME ADDRESS ORDERS and CP NO. to confirm your orders. We will reply with the date of delivery.

Stay tuned for more recipes! I will definitely share more ways to use the Golden Lava Sauce!