THE COOKBOOK CLUB: Housewife Edition

So three single, Christian ladies who are passionate about food – whether it’s eating or making or serving their families with it, apparently also all dream to be housewives decide to meet regularly to prepare meals and feasts together, polish their cooking and baking skills and talk about life and love – or the lack anticipationĀ  thereof. šŸ™‚

It may seem funny and strange to most that we already call ourselves Housewives when we 1. are not engaged (not yet!) 2. do not have romantic partners as of the moment (single, yes and waiting on the Lord) and 3. have not even met our GBs yet (that’s God’s Best). But hey, do women need to actually be in a relationship first, or engaged before preparing to become a Housewife? Not at all. In truth, I learned from God is a Matchmaker (you see, part of preparing is reading A LOT) thatĀ a woman’sĀ training as a wife starts in character building while she is still single, looooong before God brings her to His Best for her. And we call ourselves as such because we are “in the season” of settling down and marrying. Though we do not know when, it will never hurt to prepare early. Riiiiiight?

So anyway, the concept of a “Cookbook Club” was pitched in by Nica last year in one of our many many pig-out sessions. The idea is that the members areĀ supposed to cook items fromĀ a single cookbook (Remember the Julia Child movie? Yes, like that.). But because we have so many books and cannot agree on a single one to use, we just concludedĀ to pick a theme or cuisine and create a line of dishes. From appetizers, main course, toĀ dessert and drinks. We each choose which one to make, and we prepare them together and eat and have fellowship after. So the name “Cookbook” Club is still apt because we aspire to create cookbook-quality recipes for YOU to keep, practice on and prepare for your future husband! (a.k.a. pwede-ka-ng-mag-asawa kind of food)

Aside from our intention to become better in the kitchen by learning new techniques and recipes from one another and increasing our knowledge about womanhood and “preparing for the future” by discussing books we’ve read and advice we’ve received from our mentors and disciplers, we also want to communicateĀ what we know and will learn to other fellow single ladies. Because truthfully speaking, there is so much you do not know!!! You think you already got dating all figured out? SORRY, sweetheart. You don’t. We don’t either! And so dear readers, aside from impressiveĀ recipes (not only for the husband but also for the future in-laws!) made in convenient, recipe-card printable format, you may also expect to read excerpts from books or quotations from our “real talk” discussions.

So if you, like us, are also single and you have that desire to marry and you have been preparing and it still has not happened just yet,Ā Welcome to the club!Ā Let us learn together, prepare even better and be more productive while waiting. šŸ™‚

Before I share how our first meeting went, allow me to formally introduce to you the members of THE COOKBOOK CLUB: Housewife edition.

37-29-29 Philippines!

Here’s what took place in our first session: MEXICAN MADNESS!

Ole! Our Mexican Spread.

What each of us brought to the table:

Tres Leches, Fish Tacos & Nachos (sauce made using Golden Lava!)
Plating is everything. We don’t mind eating 4 hours late if food is this appetizingĀ and the view this relaxing.

How to throw a simple yet filling 3-course Mexican meal? Here’s how.

Instead of the usual cheese sauce, this Nacho appetizer is spiced up by Golden Lava.
Packed with flavor and technique. A recipe for keeps!
A light and sweet ending. Homemade whipped cream is life-changing.

Here’s a boomerang to end our first feast! Cheers!