TVolution: The latest evolution in entertainment from PLDT Home

Last June 8, PLDT Home launched the biggest and latest evolution in TV programming in the country – TVolution powered by the #1 streaming box in America, Roku. The pioneer in broadband, the first to merge landline and computer in the tablet and who is at the forefront of making the Philippines into a Fiber nation, PLDT on its 88th year, affirms its commitment to the Filipino family by bringing back the television – the traditional medium as the center of home entertainment through the most modern technology and the latest content available; catering to all possible interests of all members of the family. Imagine Cignal HD cable channels, Iflix, Netflix and Youtube in one remote – yes, only PLDT Home can make this happen. These four giants in video streaming content in a single, teeny weeny remote is just one of the countless reasons why TVolution is a must-have for every home today. The small, customized remote, which I am so big on, is so easy to navigate through! Just press HOME then click the SOURCE you want to watch from, making switching from one source to another painfully easy! The not-techie-Mom-at-all will no longer need to yelp for […]


So everybody knows THE BOSS was in town for TLC Festival 2016 this weekend, right? Buddy Valastro, who despite being known for his title as CAKE BOSS, true to his name really is just everybuddy’s Buddy, a gentle unassuming warm person to everybody. I’m not gonna say much about this unimaginable surreal experience and just let my photos do the talking. But allow me to share just two things I brought home with me last Sunday. His heart, humility and hardwork. How Buddy managed to gain the respect of everybody twice his age when he took over his father’s baking business at the age of 17 was done through modeling exactly what he wanted his people to learn and do. He was always the first in the kitchen and last to leave as he would be scrubbing floors with them, which he says he does up to this day. He believes in doing something yourself first before asking others to do it too. And you can’t demand people to do something you yourself do not do. He wanted his people to work hard so he showed it. He wanted his workers to respect him so he showed it first. It […]


I cannot emphasize just how much I LOVE breakfast food. And how great breakfast makes my day. And how collaborating with our favorite breakfast place for 3 years now pretty much made our year! Excited is such an understatement when Early Bird approached me to collaborate with them for my favorite season of the year. I was over the moon and beyond thrilled to actually pitch and contribute items for their holiday menu. I love how my concepts and fusions and life stories were integrated and transformed into actual, tangible, tasty dishes. Rightful commendation to Chefs Matt and Matt (Yes, there are 2 Matthews in the EBBC kitchen). Allow me to share with you the stories and inspiration behind every dish we co-created with Early Bird Breakfast Club. To start with why not munch on Malunggay toasts smothered with Tinapate? I love bread. In whatever shape, color, size, softness or crust they come in, I love them. I can live without rice but certainly not without bread. I also love making our own bread at home (from scratch, hand-kneaded that is) as a table staple. Pandesal is the reason why I got into bread making and baking. I grew up with […]