Chemist for a day: A sneak peek into the Johnson’s Research Lab in Singapore

On my second year as a Johnson’s Baby #ABCCirle member, I finally make it to the annual gathering of Asian Momfluencers. Held at Singapore this year, I joined Day 3 for the Lab Tour at the newly renovated Consumer R&D site. This facility is solely for the purpose of developing and testing new Johnson’s Baby products. From conception to shelving, all studies and testing happen in this research center before the formulation is sent to China for manufacturing. Before the actual lab tour, we were reintroduced to the full mission and vision of Johnson and Johnson. In the words of Chief Technology Officer Josh Ghaim, Johnson & Johnson’s mission is to “care for people around the world by developing innovative products and solutions that are grounded in deep human insights, backed by science that is intuitive and provide irresistible experiences.” Johnson’s Baby, the brand that invented baby care, continually proves their unwavering commitment to providing the BEST care for our babies. For one, the claims on their product seals manifest it. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE CLINICALLY-PROVEN GENTLE SEAL AND NO MORE TEARS FORMULA SEAL UNDERGO VARIOUS SAFETY EVALUATION TESTING BY THIRD PARTY PEDIATRICIANS, DERMATOLOGISTS AS WELL AS OPTHALMOLOGISTS? Those […]

TCBC Housewives X Gummy’s 6th!

Even if I say that Gummy will only have a party if its her 1st or 7th or 18th birthday, Mothers really cannot help but celebrate their child’s life yearly. So we, the member of the Housewives Cookbook Club, threw Gummy an intimate (40 peeps) Moana-inspired Luau-Tiki-Hawaiian party to celebrate her 6th! I honestly did not think it would be possible and successful with only just a day’s notice and preparation! (Four pairs of hands are always better than one! Thank you Housewives for helping Mummy Bites!) We are blessed to be living in a condominium compound that has a vast, grassy lawn where we can have picnics everyday and children can run around and play. The setting of our outdoor party was breezy and laid back – perfect for an afternoon of stories and laughters over themed homemade, handy and bite-sized food. Our long tables with shorter legs were supplied by UrbanWillowPH. Nice took care of the mallow-dogs, fresh fruit bowl and refreshments. Ate made the SPAM Musubi and Coleslaw topping for the Pulled BBQ Chicken. Of course Ton made the cake as Gummy is guaranteed at least 2 cakes every year – a homemade, all edible cream cheese or buttercream-frosted […]

Gummy Turns 6!

Gummy’s 6th Birthday was celebrated in Boracay. I chose the island because my Wowa has actually never been there! And as you may already know by now, our annual trip for Gummy’s Birthday also doubles as a celebration of my Wowa’s health completing 4 generations of women in our family! It was big for me to bring her to Bora because I know very very few people who haven’t been to this most-prized island of fine white sand and the most beautiful sunsets FIlipinos boast about! I can’t let my Wowa miss out! 😉 We booked at The Lind Boracay, one of the most recommended resorts to stay in now when in Boracay. It is almost at the tip of Station 1, beside Friday’s making it a peaceful nest. If you are looking for a prime place to stay at, with access to so many pools, including your own (just like in our room), or a higher vantage point to view the daily changing, multi-shaded, never-the-same sunset, The Lind would be your best bet. The BBQ Dinner Buffet, kiddie breakfast buffet [table with mini macarons, spaghetti, chicken fingers to name a few of the kid-friendly food items] and pastry section; the gym, our own quiet […]

Summer-ready with Aveeno Baby!

Have you ever encountered white, scaly patches on your child’s cheeks that stay light despite sun exposure and persist for weeks and even months? Such as the photo below. I have. The condition is called Pityriasis Alba, a mild form of eczema. I first noticed these on Gummy’s cheeks when she turned three. And observed that they do not easily go away. For a time I used topical steroidal ointment and even anti-fungal creams. But only with time and lesser playing under the sun did it finally go away… until summer time came again. I am writing about my eczema experience because summer is fast approaching (in fact we are going to Boracay in a month’s time for Gummy’s 6th Birthday!) and I want to let Moms know about an Eczema Therapy line I discovered that can best deal with this skin condition  during summertime when skin actually dries up pretty fast. I have tried several ointments to treat the white patches on Gummy’s cheeks but only time made the pigmentation disappear. However, while the white patch is gone as her skin color has matched the “spot,” the area where the patch used to be turned rough and scaly. I had been […]


Today, I just want to recount how God has been faithful the past year. I wanna share with you some of our milestones and unexpected blessings last year. 2016 started with my life testimony broadcast on The 700 Club Asia. It was aired a year ago yesterday, January 19. Mid last year, Gummy was blessed with her first ever TV commercial. It was an answered prayer. When she was 3 and a half, Gummy expressed to me her desire to be in a commercial like her Ate Kendra (Kramer). Summer of 2016 we received news that she was handpicked for the latest TVC of Knorr for their Sinigang Mix. What was totally unexpected was to find out on the day of the shoot that Gummy was the lead role. 🙂 Until today, when we go out, she is being fondly teased “asim kilig.” Thank you Lord for answering my little girl’s prayer. Four months after her Asim Kilig commercial, we appear together for the first time in an iVideo for M.Y.San Grahams. It is our dream to cook or bake (or something like it) on-cam in a commercial format for an endorsement. And truly when the Lord answers, He gives […]


Rain rain go away….. that nursery rhyme actually expresses how sad our kids are when it rains because they cannot go out to play. And play is when they are actually running around and sweating and enjoying the afternoon breeze. But as Moms, we want our kids to enjoy everything – even playing in the rain. Because even swimming is extra fun while it’s pouring. So the question now is: How do we make sure that our rainy day activities are safe for them? One way to make sure our kids are protected is by protecting their gut health. Do you know that the heart of our health is in our gut? And as long as they have a great amount of good bacteria, our kids are protected from within, and they do not easily get sick. How do you Moms ensure your kids’ safety? I personally only count on Nido for years since I completely weaned Gummy off of my breastmilk. She was 3.5 years old when I made a switch from BM to powdered milk and there was no other brand for me but the same milk I took growing up. Nido 3+ is the ONLY brand in […]


If you were not able to read my article last week at The Manila Times regarding the first parenting book I have ever read, please do read it here first before reading this post. Okay, have you read it? Now you may proceed. I had “How to Win Your Child’s Heart” in December of 2014. That book of Dr. Ruth Chang truly gave me the confidence to deal with my child as a parental authority who has strong convictions and firm beliefs and rules but at the same time very nurturing and loving. Recently, Dr. Chang released a taglish version of what P-A-R-E-N-T means in individual booklets –  Praise, Accept, Respect, Empathise, Nurture and Train. Today I want to share this blessing with you all. I have 4 extra copies of the 6 booklets (1complete set) with me and I want to give them away. How do you get a chance to win them? Read the “Crystallize you role as a parent (part 1)” article at Manila Times dated September 26, 2016. Choose a part of the article that struck you and in only 5 sentences, explain to me how it resonated with you. Copy and paste the lines in […]


Here are the five Mummies who are receiving their Johnson and Johsnon’s Bedtime gift pack! Please email your complete shipping details to me at Thanks for joining and till the next giveaway!


One of the things that children exceptionally enjoy is taking a bath. In the absence of a pool, or the presence of the rain, it is the perfect excuse to play in the tub and immerse themselves in bubbles. Gummy’s fun bath time however does not end in the bathroom. It continues in the bedroom, finished off with massage either using lotion or baby oil. I particularly love giving Gummy a bath after a long day. Preferably after dinner to give her enough time to digest and before Bible reading and milk time. I don’t like rushing bath time also that’s why I prefer it at night rather than very early in the morning before heading to school. Children are very kinetic. They literally want to feel love to know that they are loved. And massage is one of the best ways to tangibly express that to them. The skin to skin contact and smooth and slow motions calm their senses and ease them into quiet talk or magic moment before finally dozing off. Not to mention the many other biological benefits of massage such as better blood circulation and relaxation of muscles. My daughter undeniably loves being pampered. She […]


“Modern” is possibly the most apt word I could find to describe the kind of family I am in. This is the first time I will write about my family in entirety. For what reason you may ask? None in particular, actually. It’s just that for the past two years I have been blessed to enjoy a very good relationship with my siblings and lately God is whispering to me to open up and share with everyone the kind of joy, elation and inspiration my kind of family brings. Most of you know that I only have two brothers – Angelo and Ali, whom I fondly call Gummy’s Daddies. But I’m sure you also see King and Ton (the very talented cake creator of @AllBoutCakesByAllen in my online posts whom I also call my bros. I have 2 brothers but in reality I have a total of 5 – all of them equally guapito, siyempre. 🙂 I am the eldest of three, of course and have always said to be the only girl. But In fact I am the 4th – I have two older sisters – Ate Kat and Ate Caress. Trust me I am the happiest to have female siblings […]