Bettinna Carlos or Mummy Bite [Bee-té] or Bites is a modern, single, Christian, working mom. Everything she does is for the Lord and her 5 year old gummy bear, Amanda [or Gummy]. She starts her day with prayer and devotionals which she shares on Instagram, with the hopes of bringing more people to Jesus.

She loves to cook and bake. In fact she is an Interpreneur [internet-based entrepreneur] and Chief Panadera of Baked Bites by ABC, inventor of Nutella Rocks. Though her first love really is making bread, from scratch, with her bare hands, her love for cooking was tapped 2 years ago when she joined Idol Sa Kusina, the longest running cooking show of GMA 7’s GMA News TV in May of 2014. She is the sous chef of inspiring, celebrity chef, Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro. Mummy Bite longs to teach and empower women, especially stay-home Moms, hoping to encourage them to put up their own home-based food business.

And because she loves to eat, she also loves to work out (so she can eat and enjoy some more!). Be it to sweat the stress or sweets or just to maintain a strong and healthy body to live long for her Gummy so they can enjoy more adventures together.

This blog was put up to provide an avenue for her lengthy thoughts and posts that Instagram cannot contain. 🙂