Today, I just want to recount how God has been faithful the past year. I wanna share with you some of our milestones and unexpected blessings last year. 2016 started with my life testimony broadcast on The 700 Club Asia. It was aired a year ago yesterday, January 19. Mid last year, Gummy was blessed with her first ever TV commercial. It was an answered prayer. When she was 3 and a half, Gummy expressed to me her desire to be in a commercial like her Ate Kendra (Kramer). Summer of 2016 we received news that she was handpicked for the latest TVC of Knorr for their Sinigang Mix. What was totally unexpected was to find out on the day of the shoot that Gummy was the lead role. 🙂 Until today, when we go out, she is being fondly teased “asim kilig.” Thank you Lord for answering my little girl’s prayer. Four months after her Asim Kilig commercial, we appear together for the first time in an iVideo for M.Y.San Grahams. It is our dream to cook or bake (or something like it) on-cam in a commercial format for an endorsement. And truly when the Lord answers, He gives […]


There are two things I have been frequently asked in the last 5 years: 1. How do you manage to do all you do? and 2. How do you do quiet time? The most truthful answer to #1 is I DON’T KNOW. I honestly don’t. HOWEVER if there is anything I will attribute my successful time management skills to, it’s PRAYER TIME. It is having that silent, alone time early in the morning to pray and reflect and be still before the day even begins. If you are a mother you know that our days are always long. We wake up early to make breakfast for our families before they even wake up. We get ready for work too before they get up so that we can personally get them ready especially if you have a girl whose hair needs more time to be prettified and fixed. Then we sit down and hope to enjoy breakfast unrushed; taking time to talk about last night’s dreams and today’s plans. Then we clean up and head to school to drop off our kids. All of that in supposedly just 2 hours maybe? If lets say you work on a 9-5 job or […]


So everybody knows THE BOSS was in town for TLC Festival 2016 this weekend, right? Buddy Valastro, who despite being known for his title as CAKE BOSS, true to his name really is just everybuddy’s Buddy, a gentle unassuming warm person to everybody. I’m not gonna say much about this unimaginable surreal experience and just let my photos do the talking. But allow me to share just two things I brought home with me last Sunday. His heart, humility and hardwork. How Buddy managed to gain the respect of everybody twice his age when he took over his father’s baking business at the age of 17 was done through modeling exactly what he wanted his people to learn and do. He was always the first in the kitchen and last to leave as he would be scrubbing floors with them, which he says he does up to this day. He believes in doing something yourself first before asking others to do it too. And you can’t demand people to do something you yourself do not do. He wanted his people to work hard so he showed it. He wanted his workers to respect him so he showed it first. It […]


I cannot emphasize just how much I LOVE breakfast food. And how great breakfast makes my day. And how collaborating with our favorite breakfast place for 3 years now pretty much made our year! Excited is such an understatement when Early Bird approached me to collaborate with them for my favorite season of the year. I was over the moon and beyond thrilled to actually pitch and contribute items for their holiday menu. I love how my concepts and fusions and life stories were integrated and transformed into actual, tangible, tasty dishes. Rightful commendation to Chefs Matt and Matt (Yes, there are 2 Matthews in the EBBC kitchen). Allow me to share with you the stories and inspiration behind every dish we co-created with Early Bird Breakfast Club. To start with why not munch on Malunggay toasts smothered with Tinapate? I love bread. In whatever shape, color, size, softness or crust they come in, I love them. I can live without rice but certainly not without bread. I also love making our own bread at home (from scratch, hand-kneaded that is) as a table staple. Pandesal is the reason why I got into bread making and baking. I grew up with […]


Rain rain go away….. that nursery rhyme actually expresses how sad our kids are when it rains because they cannot go out to play. And play is when they are actually running around and sweating and enjoying the afternoon breeze. But as Moms, we want our kids to enjoy everything – even playing in the rain. Because even swimming is extra fun while it’s pouring. So the question now is: How do we make sure that our rainy day activities are safe for them? One way to make sure our kids are protected is by protecting their gut health. Do you know that the heart of our health is in our gut? And as long as they have a great amount of good bacteria, our kids are protected from within, and they do not easily get sick. How do you Moms ensure your kids’ safety? I personally only count on Nido for years since I completely weaned Gummy off of my breastmilk. She was 3.5 years old when I made a switch from BM to powdered milk and there was no other brand for me but the same milk I took growing up. Nido 3+ is the ONLY brand in […]


Congratulations to the following Mummies! I pray that the PARENTing books guide you in becoming the best parents to your children!


If you were not able to read my article last week at The Manila Times regarding the first parenting book I have ever read, please do read it here first before reading this post. Okay, have you read it? Now you may proceed. I had “How to Win Your Child’s Heart” in December of 2014. That book of Dr. Ruth Chang truly gave me the confidence to deal with my child as a parental authority who has strong convictions and firm beliefs and rules but at the same time very nurturing and loving. Recently, Dr. Chang released a taglish version of what P-A-R-E-N-T means in individual booklets –  Praise, Accept, Respect, Empathise, Nurture and Train. Today I want to share this blessing with you all. I have 4 extra copies of the 6 booklets (1complete set) with me and I want to give them away. How do you get a chance to win them? Read the “Crystallize you role as a parent (part 1)” article at Manila Times dated September 26, 2016. Choose a part of the article that struck you and in only 5 sentences, explain to me how it resonated with you. Copy and paste the lines in […]


Here are the five Mummies who are receiving their Johnson and Johsnon’s Bedtime gift pack! Please email your complete shipping details to me at mummybitesph@gmail.com. Thanks for joining and till the next giveaway!


One of the things that children exceptionally enjoy is taking a bath. In the absence of a pool, or the presence of the rain, it is the perfect excuse to play in the tub and immerse themselves in bubbles. Gummy’s fun bath time however does not end in the bathroom. It continues in the bedroom, finished off with massage either using lotion or baby oil. I particularly love giving Gummy a bath after a long day. Preferably after dinner to give her enough time to digest and before Bible reading and milk time. I don’t like rushing bath time also that’s why I prefer it at night rather than very early in the morning before heading to school. Children are very kinetic. They literally want to feel love to know that they are loved. And massage is one of the best ways to tangibly express that to them. The skin to skin contact and smooth and slow motions calm their senses and ease them into quiet talk or magic moment before finally dozing off. Not to mention the many other biological benefits of massage such as better blood circulation and relaxation of muscles. My daughter undeniably loves being pampered. She […]


Pasta is truly one of the easiest dishes to make. In fact the sauce is so versatile it can even be as base for pizza or dipping sauce for bread or chips. You have the freedom to use spaghetti, macaroni, angel hair, penne etc. It can be baked or mixed as is. One of the challenges though as a Mom is to make your children appreciate the true flavors of dishes. At some point you want your kids to acquire the taste of adult spaghetti – the unapologetic italian version full of herbs, and not just grow up only knowing spaghetti in the familiar, typical sweet Pinoy-style we all were accustomed to. Although that one is undeniably comfort food for kids and kids at heart, children should also appreciate how adults like their food. So how do you reconcile and tweak a classic and meet your kids half way? I did it by making a purely tomato based, herb-infused sauce with just a hint of guiltless sweetness using Coco Natura and still added the staple hotdog slices – or cheesed rather, after the specific request of my Gummy. You can even add minced mushrooms for more protein. And they will […]