As a last hurrah for the month of honoring our Fathers, as well as the other fathers in our families, we threw an Asian Boodle feast. We carefully chose a dish or two from certain countries that will complement the other dishes (explaining why we did not add curry as it may be overpowering). We drew lots which just made cooking more fun since we got to cook items we have never tried, or would not have chose (Tempura is quite tedious to prep!!!!). Sorry that we didn’t have photos of humans enjoying the fight since our hands got dirty pretty early and we just forgot to document and focused on stuffing ourselves. It was a very good line up! Here are our assignments: Bettinna: Tempura, Sweet Chili Cabs & Steamed Lapu-Lapu Kat: Chinese Fried Rice, Pad Thai & Laing Nica: Sweet & Sour Pork, Korean Bulgogi, Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls Oh what fun! We turned the recipes into recipe cards that you can easily take screen shots of or grab and drag to your desktop. The hands down winners: Tempura, Pad Thai, Sweet & Sour Pork & Spring Rolls! Oh I am drooling again just recalling the past weekend! Enjoy […]

TVolution: The latest evolution in entertainment from PLDT Home

Last June 8, PLDT Home launched the biggest and latest evolution in TV programming in the country – TVolution powered by the #1 streaming box in America, Roku. The pioneer in broadband, the first to merge landline and computer in the tablet and who is at the forefront of making the Philippines into a Fiber nation, PLDT on its 88th year, affirms its commitment to the Filipino family by bringing back the television – the traditional medium as the center of home entertainment through the most modern technology and the latest content available; catering to all possible interests of all members of the family. Imagine Cignal HD cable channels, Iflix, Netflix and Youtube in one remote – yes, only PLDT Home can make this happen. These four giants in video streaming content in a single, teeny weeny remote is just one of the countless reasons why TVolution is a must-have for every home today. The small, customized remote, which I am so big on, is so easy to navigate through! Just press HOME then click the SOURCE you want to watch from, making switching from one source to another painfully easy! The not-techie-Mom-at-all will no longer need to yelp for […]

Chemist for a day: A sneak peek into the Johnson’s Research Lab in Singapore

On my second year as a Johnson’s Baby #ABCCirle member, I finally make it to the annual gathering of Asian Momfluencers. Held at Singapore this year, I joined Day 3 for the Lab Tour at the newly renovated Consumer R&D site. This facility is solely for the purpose of developing and testing new Johnson’s Baby products. From conception to shelving, all studies and testing happen in this research center before the formulation is sent to China for manufacturing. Before the actual lab tour, we were reintroduced to the full mission and vision of Johnson and Johnson. In the words of Chief Technology Officer Josh Ghaim, Johnson & Johnson’s mission is to “care for people around the world by developing innovative products and solutions that are grounded in deep human insights, backed by science that is intuitive and provide irresistible experiences.” Johnson’s Baby, the brand that invented baby care, continually proves their unwavering commitment to providing the BEST care for our babies. For one, the claims on their product seals manifest it. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE CLINICALLY-PROVEN GENTLE SEAL AND NO MORE TEARS FORMULA SEAL UNDERGO VARIOUS SAFETY EVALUATION TESTING BY THIRD PARTY PEDIATRICIANS, DERMATOLOGISTS AS WELL AS OPTHALMOLOGISTS? Those […]

The Cookbook Club for Oster

Last May 27, I, together with The Housewives of The Cookbook Club celebrated Mother’s Day (for the last time this year, before The Fathers’ month  comes in) with an intimate group of Moms and their kiddos to prepare family favorites using the latest Oster product – The Oster Ball Mason Jar Blender. It is a privilege for our Cookbook Club to host the first #OsterKitchenConversations again in a long time and to be launching their new baby as well. Thank you Oster! In honor of Moms who are naturally SUPERMOMS, we decided on a laid back, casual Country Fair theme,  where food is always familiar, comforting, and satisfying – something Moms always bear in mind when serving their families – yet are such a breeze to prepare with Oster’s help. A no-sweat menu our Moms can prepare for the entire family simply because prep time has been cut down to more than 50% off the time and so with more time to spend on plating and styling, making homemade food even more appetizing than straightforward, casual country fair food presentation. There sure is something for every member of the family at a fair! However, being the modern housewife wannabes that we are, […]

TCBC featuring: Boodle Boodle Gang

On May 20, The Housewives prepared a Pinoy Boodle Feast for Nica’s youngest brother, Carlo. He only requested for Chicken BBQ and ensalada with itlog na pula (Pinoy Salted Egg Salad) as well as crabs. He wanted the crabs though to be cooked Singaporean style. And although it was out of theme but because it was HIS day, we gladly obliged… and The Housewives saw to it to give more than expected – as always, as every housewife should. Laying out everything we cooked on banana leaves had to be strategically done… The sloppy Singaporean Salted Egg Crabs had to be on top of the rice. Of course. To cushion and save much of the golden sauce. The contents of the spread… With sawsaw-ones… Not just 1, not 2… but 4. Hahaha! (Sorry, just had to!). The ideal housewife gives several options 😉 The battle we all gladly faced 🙂 We all had this view and was clueless where to begin. You see, us Housewives don’t just cook and serve our families a complete spread from scratch. We do our best just as well taking the perfect top shot. Nice one, Nica! #BuwisBuhay Right before digging in… Oh we were […]

TCBC: Baby Shower Special

A month ago, The Housewives threw an intimate gender-reveal celebration honoring the much anticipated arrival of our family’s latest blessing. There was much speculation about “Kushie” being a boy (because of the belly shape and the darkened folds – and because there has not been a male apo) but much to our delight, our family is blessed with yet another princess. Three weeks later, on April 27, our 8-pounder Alexandra Melinna Helena was born. Our humble sunset picnic featured a Sub and Pasta station – two options for each; and everyone got to bring home a mock-lactation cake jar – the real lacta-cakejars were only for Asia. Decided to serve our pasta in cups for better and controlled portioning, less mess and easier serving and “cooler” presentation. Everyone screamed when pink balloons flew from the box! 80% guessed Kush was a boy!!! SORRY! We praise you and thank you, Jesus for our family’s new blessing. May we take care of her, love her and raise her the way You want us to. Below are the recipes for the pasta and sub toppings: SEAFOOD ROLL (serves 50++) 1kilo prawns – peeled, deveined, blanched 1/2 kilo crabmeat 1pc chopped onions 1head garlic 1cup chopped celery […]

TCBC Housewives X Gummy’s 6th!

Even if I say that Gummy will only have a party if its her 1st or 7th or 18th birthday, Mothers really cannot help but celebrate their child’s life yearly. So we, the member of the Housewives Cookbook Club, threw Gummy an intimate (40 peeps) Moana-inspired Luau-Tiki-Hawaiian party to celebrate her 6th! I honestly did not think it would be possible and successful with only just a day’s notice and preparation! (Four pairs of hands are always better than one! Thank you Housewives for helping Mummy Bites!) We are blessed to be living in a condominium compound that has a vast, grassy lawn where we can have picnics everyday and children can run around and play. The setting of our outdoor party was breezy and laid back – perfect for an afternoon of stories and laughters over themed homemade, handy and bite-sized food. Our long tables with shorter legs were supplied by UrbanWillowPH. Nice took care of the mallow-dogs, fresh fruit bowl and refreshments. Ate made the SPAM Musubi and Coleslaw topping for the Pulled BBQ Chicken. Of course Ton made the cake as Gummy is guaranteed at least 2 cakes every year – a homemade, all edible cream cheese or buttercream-frosted […]

Gummy Turns 6!

Gummy’s 6th Birthday was celebrated in Boracay. I chose the island because my Wowa has actually never been there! And as you may already know by now, our annual trip for Gummy’s Birthday also doubles as a celebration of my Wowa’s health completing 4 generations of women in our family! It was big for me to bring her to Bora because I know very very few people who haven’t been to this most-prized island of fine white sand and the most beautiful sunsets FIlipinos boast about! I can’t let my Wowa miss out! 😉 We booked at The Lind Boracay, one of the most recommended resorts to stay in now when in Boracay. It is almost at the tip of Station 1, beside Friday’s making it a peaceful nest. If you are looking for a prime place to stay at, with access to so many pools, including your own (just like in our room), or a higher vantage point to view the daily changing, multi-shaded, never-the-same sunset, The Lind would be your best bet. The BBQ Dinner Buffet, kiddie breakfast buffet [table with mini macarons, spaghetti, chicken fingers to name a few of the kid-friendly food items] and pastry section; the gym, our own quiet […]

THE COOKBOOK CLUB: Espanyol Espesyal

So for our second meeting, the Housewife wannabeez decided to cook up a Spanish Storm for our loved ones – our families, of course, in celebration of Valentine’s! And by a storm we meant a FEAST enough to feed 20-30 people! We did not expect our output to be that much. I guess we really have that much love to give, if you know what I mean! 😉 Assignments were as follows: El Apertivo y Tapas (appetizers or starters) were split between Nica and Ate Kat. Starch and centrepiece dish on me. Nica prepared Gambas Al Ajillo (Spanish style Garlic Shrimps), Sautéed Mushrooms and Spanish Chorizo. As well as “adult-friendly” (less alcohol for our parents) Sangria. Ate Kat made Fabada or Spanish bean and chorizo stew; two versions of Mussels – one smoked (without the use of a griller, just some life hacking skills which she will share with you) and one with white wine, Beef Salpicao and as an addition to our mains – Callos a la Madrileña, a traditional Spanish stew composed primarily of beef tripe, chorizo de bilbao and garbanzo beans. I, on the other hand was tasked to prepare Arros Negre or Paella Negra (flavoured and blackened by squid ink) and Cochinillo Asado – […]

Summer-ready with Aveeno Baby!

Have you ever encountered white, scaly patches on your child’s cheeks that stay light despite sun exposure and persist for weeks and even months? Such as the photo below. I have. The condition is called Pityriasis Alba, a mild form of eczema. I first noticed these on Gummy’s cheeks when she turned three. And observed that they do not easily go away. For a time I used topical steroidal ointment and even anti-fungal creams. But only with time and lesser playing under the sun did it finally go away… until summer time came again. I am writing about my eczema experience because summer is fast approaching (in fact we are going to Boracay in a month’s time for Gummy’s 6th Birthday!) and I want to let Moms know about an Eczema Therapy line I discovered that can best deal with this skin condition  during summertime when skin actually dries up pretty fast. I have tried several ointments to treat the white patches on Gummy’s cheeks but only time made the pigmentation disappear. However, while the white patch is gone as her skin color has matched the “spot,” the area where the patch used to be turned rough and scaly. I had been […]