This passion page was simply decided upon as a resolve to talk more and share more because Instagram’s character limit has really limited my thoughts and words. Instagram has been my primary medium for sharing my life thought for the past 5 years, although I have attempted to blog twice before through Blogspot and WordPress, this time, I just want to make it a bit more formal (so I bought my own domain name. Yay!). But you know how sometimes, there are some things you just really want to talk more of, elaborate more about? And I cannot expound as much on IG.

This is also my attempt to organize my many varied ideas and ramblings in the following categories: 

DAILY BITES (Faith) - For man does not live by bread alone, but by every mouth that precedes from the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4). If there is Daily Bread, allow me to have DAILY BITES since I like sharing to my followers over at Instagram my daily devotionals, prayers, and reflections, here on the mummybites I shall expound more on those including other faith-related thoughts and materials.

GUMMY BITES (Family) - Oh the hashtag I have had of her and us for 4 years now! This category is all about Gummy, my parenting journey as a single mother and anything else family-related  since the two of us make a FAMILY! PS: GUMMYBITES is really GUMMY+(MUMMY)BITE or BITES or can also be BITS/BITES about GUMMY. (Do you get my word play??? Hopefully so!)

CHEF BITES (Food) - I am no pro in the kitchen. But cooking for my loved ones especially my daughter and hearing their YUMMMS and MMMMMs and OOOOOHs make me feel like one! Gummy always tells me whenever I make her Pork Adobo with extra fat that I am the BEST COOKER in the world. Oh how sweet to my ears! And of course the positive feedback and recipe requests I get from our followers on Instagram whenever I post a photo of what I cooked at home really excite me and push me to explore more in the kitchen. So in this part of the blog, I promise to be very elaborate and specific in giving my readers directions, ideas recipes,techniques, and tweaks on how to make your family happy ‘tumtum’ with simple dishes.

ENERGY BITES (Fitness) - I do not have any degree in sports science nor any fitness certification under my belt. What I do have though is years and years [more than 10] of first-hand experience and experiments on weight loss and dieting. You see I was a big fat girl growing up. I had insecurities as early as high school. That led me to start working out for ABS as young as 15 (didn’t have a flattering front either so I thought maybe I could at least have a nice carved core). From yoyo to fads, diet pills to crash dieting - Yes I can say “I’ve been there done that!.” I will be sharing what has worked for me and what did not (that you should never do too!). Maybe a workout routine, a type of diet, kind of food you did not think you should incorporate in your diet and so on. Anything that has worked for me and has fuelled me (food and fitspiration), I will be generous with and more than happy to share with all of you. 

Part of ENERGY BITES is “Mama Kat’s Corner,” dedicated to my influence and inspiration, my mentor for the past 8 months, who has greatly realigned my fitness goals and reshaped my eating habits - Kat Geronimo Garcia or more known by most as @mamakatfitness believes that you cannot cut corners (Isn’t my wordplay so apt and yet playful?! Hahaha!) if you want true and long term results. There are no shortcuts and you must be willing to work really hard for the results that you want. The harder you work,the longer they last. (Who here believes in the “easy come, easy go” principle,raise your hands!)

I am giving Mama Kat the space to express her passion for helping women, especially Moms to lead better and healthier lives through functional training and proper nutrition to support the body that demands to be in tip top shape 24/7! Expect to read ideas on food, see visuals of routines you may want to or should add to your workout, equipment to invest on, the real deal on what to eat… anything about taking care of the female body, I entrust to Kat! And MamaKat was more than willing to commit her time and heart to this part of mummybites.

WHERABITES & WHATABITES (Fun. a.k.a whereabouts and “whatabouts”) basically is all about features on new play or eat places, random discoveries and any adventure that spells FUN for Gummy and I.