Last September 4, 2017, when my parenting column at The Manila Times turned 1, I was prompted to open up my life more and share more intimate stories. As an effort to make it easier for my readers to unearth and enjoy my weekly articles, I compiled the four, anniversary articles that discussed sensitive single parenting topics. You will also find the link at the end of every article for your reference should you want to read the actual, published ones. Happy reading, Mommas! Now, as I celebrate my first year with The Times and as I start counting down to turning 30, allow me to share more of my heart. I am starting a series of never-before-shared intimate and sensitive stories and life lessons that I am only able to share now because 1.) it is water under the bridge and 2.) I believe these were God-filtered circumstances that many people can learn from, just coursed through my life first. So in all honesty and humility let me share with you that: I tried to date someone in the past year. Dating is not something I have been comfortable with; it has always been a stiff arrangement for me […]