TCBC featuring: Boodle Boodle Gang

On May 20, The Housewives prepared a Pinoy Boodle Feast for Nica’s youngest brother, Carlo. He only requested for Chicken BBQ and ensalada with itlog na pula (Pinoy Salted Egg Salad) as well as crabs. He wanted the crabs though to be cooked Singaporean style. And although it was out of theme but because it was HIS day, we gladly obliged… and The Housewives saw to it to give more than expected – as always, as every housewife should. Laying out everything we cooked on banana leaves had to be strategically done… The sloppy Singaporean Salted Egg Crabs had to be on top of the rice. Of course. To cushion and save much of the golden sauce. The contents of the spread… With sawsaw-ones… Not just 1, not 2… but 4. Hahaha! (Sorry, just had to!). The ideal housewife gives several options 😉 The battle we all gladly faced 🙂 We all had this view and was clueless where to begin. You see, us Housewives don’t just cook and serve our families a complete spread from scratch. We do our best just as well taking the perfect top shot. Nice one, Nica! #BuwisBuhay Right before digging in… Oh we were […]

TCBC: Baby Shower Special

A month ago, The Housewives threw an intimate gender-reveal celebration honoring the much anticipated arrival of our family’s latest blessing. There was much speculation about “Kushie” being a boy (because of the belly shape and the darkened folds – and because there has not been a male apo) but much to our delight, our family is blessed with yet another princess. Three weeks later, on April 27, our 8-pounder Alexandra Melinna Helena was born. Our humble sunset picnic featured a Sub and Pasta station – two options for each; and everyone got to bring home a mock-lactation cake jar – the real lacta-cakejars were only for Asia. Decided to serve our pasta in cups for better and controlled portioning, less mess and easier serving and “cooler” presentation. Everyone screamed when pink balloons flew from the box! 80% guessed Kush was a boy!!! SORRY! We praise you and thank you, Jesus for our family’s new blessing. May we take care of her, love her and raise her the way You want us to. Below are the recipes for the pasta and sub toppings: SEAFOOD ROLL (serves 50++) 1kilo prawns – peeled, deveined, blanched 1/2 kilo crabmeat 1pc chopped onions 1head garlic 1cup chopped celery […]