TCBC Housewives X Gummy’s 6th!

Even if I say that Gummy will only have a party if its her 1st or 7th or 18th birthday, Mothers really cannot help but celebrate their child’s life yearly. So we, the member of the Housewives Cookbook Club, threw Gummy an intimate (40 peeps) Moana-inspired Luau-Tiki-Hawaiian party to celebrate her 6th! I honestly did not think it would be possible and successful with only just a day’s notice and preparation! (Four pairs of hands are always better than one! Thank you Housewives for helping Mummy Bites!) We are blessed to be living in a condominium compound that has a vast, grassy lawn where we can have picnics everyday and children can run around and play. The setting of our outdoor party was breezy and laid back – perfect for an afternoon of stories and laughters over themed homemade, handy and bite-sized food. Our long tables with shorter legs were supplied by UrbanWillowPH. Nice took care of the mallow-dogs, fresh fruit bowl and refreshments. Ate made the SPAM Musubi and Coleslaw topping for the Pulled BBQ Chicken. Of course Ton made the cake as Gummy is guaranteed at least 2 cakes every year – a homemade, all edible cream cheese or buttercream-frosted […]

Gummy Turns 6!

Gummy’s 6th Birthday was celebrated in Boracay. I chose the island because my Wowa has actually never been there! And as you may already know by now, our annual trip for Gummy’s Birthday also doubles as a celebration of my Wowa’s health completing 4 generations of women in our family! It was big for me to bring her to Bora because I know very very few people who haven’t been to this most-prized island of fine white sand and the most beautiful sunsets FIlipinos boast about! I can’t let my Wowa miss out! 😉 We booked at The Lind Boracay, one of the most recommended resorts to stay in now when in Boracay. It is almost at the tip of Station 1, beside Friday’s making it a peaceful nest. If you are looking for a prime place to stay at, with access to so many pools, including your own (just like in our room), or a higher vantage point to view the daily changing, multi-shaded, never-the-same sunset, The Lind would be your best bet. The BBQ Dinner Buffet, kiddie breakfast buffet [table with mini macarons, spaghetti, chicken fingers to name a few of the kid-friendly food items] and pastry section; the gym, our own quiet […]