THE COOKBOOK CLUB: Espanyol Espesyal

So for our second meeting, the Housewife wannabeez decided to cook up a Spanish Storm for our loved ones – our families, of course, in celebration of Valentine’s! And by a storm we meant a FEAST enough to feed 20-30 people! We did not expect our output to be that much. I guess we really have that much love to give, if you know what I mean! 😉 Assignments were as follows: El Apertivo y Tapas (appetizers or starters) were split between Nica and Ate Kat. Starch and centrepiece dish on me. Nica prepared Gambas Al Ajillo (Spanish style Garlic Shrimps), Sautéed Mushrooms and Spanish Chorizo. As well as “adult-friendly” (less alcohol for our parents) Sangria. Ate Kat made Fabada or Spanish bean and chorizo stew; two versions of Mussels – one smoked (without the use of a griller, just some life hacking skills which she will share with you) and one with white wine, Beef Salpicao and as an addition to our mains – Callos a la Madrileña, a traditional Spanish stew composed primarily of beef tripe, chorizo de bilbao and garbanzo beans. I, on the other hand was tasked to prepare Arros Negre or Paella Negra (flavoured and blackened by squid ink) and Cochinillo Asado – […]

Summer-ready with Aveeno Baby!

Have you ever encountered white, scaly patches on your child’s cheeks that stay light despite sun exposure and persist for weeks and even months? Such as the photo below. I have. The condition is called Pityriasis Alba, a mild form of eczema. I first noticed these on Gummy’s cheeks when she turned three. And observed that they do not easily go away. For a time I used topical steroidal ointment and even anti-fungal creams. But only with time and lesser playing under the sun did it finally go away… until summer time came again. I am writing about my eczema experience because summer is fast approaching (in fact we are going to Boracay in a month’s time for Gummy’s 6th Birthday!) and I want to let Moms know about an Eczema Therapy line I discovered that can best deal with this skin condition  during summertime when skin actually dries up pretty fast. I have tried several ointments to treat the white patches on Gummy’s cheeks but only time made the pigmentation disappear. However, while the white patch is gone as her skin color has matched the “spot,” the area where the patch used to be turned rough and scaly. I had been […]