Rain rain go away….. that nursery rhyme actually expresses how sad our kids are when it rains because they cannot go out to play. And play is when they are actually running around and sweating and enjoying the afternoon breeze. But as Moms, we want our kids to enjoy everything – even playing in the rain. Because even swimming is extra fun while it’s pouring. So the question now is: How do we make sure that our rainy day activities are safe for them? One way to make sure our kids are protected is by protecting their gut health. Do you know that the heart of our health is in our gut? And as long as they have a great amount of good bacteria, our kids are protected from within, and they do not easily get sick. How do you Moms ensure your kids’ safety? I personally only count on Nido for years since I completely weaned Gummy off of my breastmilk. She was 3.5 years old when I made a switch from BM to powdered milk and there was no other brand for me but the same milk I took growing up. Nido 3+ is the ONLY brand in […]


Congratulations to the following Mummies! I pray that the PARENTing books guide you in becoming the best parents to your children!


If you were not able to read my article last week at The Manila Times regarding the first parenting book I have ever read, please do read it here first before reading this post. Okay, have you read it? Now you may proceed. I had “How to Win Your Child’s Heart” in December of 2014. That book of Dr. Ruth Chang truly gave me the confidence to deal with my child as a parental authority who has strong convictions and firm beliefs and rules but at the same time very nurturing and loving. Recently, Dr. Chang released a taglish version of what P-A-R-E-N-T means in individual booklets –  Praise, Accept, Respect, Empathise, Nurture and Train. Today I want to share this blessing with you all. I have 4 extra copies of the 6 booklets (1complete set) with me and I want to give them away. How do you get a chance to win them? Read the “Crystallize you role as a parent (part 1)” article at Manila Times dated September 26, 2016. Choose a part of the article that struck you and in only 5 sentences, explain to me how it resonated with you. Copy and paste the lines in […]