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One of the things that children exceptionally enjoy is taking a bath. In the absence of a pool, or the presence of the rain, it is the perfect excuse to play in the tub and immerse themselves in bubbles. Gummy’s fun bath time however does not end in the bathroom. It continues in the bedroom, finished off with massage either using lotion or baby oil. I particularly love giving Gummy a bath after a long day. Preferably after dinner to give her enough time to digest and before Bible reading and milk time. I don’t like rushing bath time also that’s why I prefer it at night rather than very early in the morning before heading to school. Children are very kinetic. They literally want to feel love to know that they are loved. And massage is one of the best ways to tangibly express that to them. The skin to skin contact and smooth and slow motions calm their senses and ease them into quiet talk or magic moment before finally dozing off. Not to mention the many other biological benefits of massage such as better blood circulation and relaxation of muscles. My daughter undeniably loves being pampered. She […]


Pasta is truly one of the easiest dishes to make. In fact the sauce is so versatile it can even be as base for pizza or dipping sauce for bread or chips. You have the freedom to use spaghetti, macaroni, angel hair, penne etc. It can be baked or mixed as is. One of the challenges though as a Mom is to make your children appreciate the true flavors of dishes. At some point you want your kids to acquire the taste of adult spaghetti – the unapologetic italian version full of herbs, and not just grow up only knowing spaghetti in the familiar, typical sweet Pinoy-style we all were accustomed to. Although that one is undeniably comfort food for kids and kids at heart, children should also appreciate how adults like their food. So how do you reconcile and tweak a classic and meet your kids half way? I did it by making a purely tomato based, herb-infused sauce with just a hint of guiltless sweetness using Coco Natura and still added the staple hotdog slices – or cheesed rather, after the specific request of my Gummy. You can even add minced mushrooms for more protein. And they will […]


“Modern” is possibly the most apt word I could find to describe the kind of family I am in. This is the first time I will write about my family in entirety. For what reason you may ask? None in particular, actually. It’s just that for the past two years I have been blessed to enjoy a very good relationship with my siblings and lately God is whispering to me to open up and share with everyone the kind of joy, elation and inspiration my kind of family brings. Most of you know that I only have two brothers – Angelo and Ali, whom I fondly call Gummy’s Daddies. But I’m sure you also see King and Ton (the very talented cake creator of @AllBoutCakesByAllen in my online posts whom I also call my bros. I have 2 brothers but in reality I have a total of 5 – all of them equally guapito, siyempre. 🙂 I am the eldest of three, of course and have always said to be the only girl. But In fact I am the 4th – I have two older sisters – Ate Kat and Ate Caress. Trust me I am the happiest to have female siblings […]


There was never a day in my 5 years of being a born-again Christian that I post my devotionals or bible scriptures or excerpts from spiritual readings that I do not get asked “WHAT BOOK IS THIS? WHAT IS THE TITLE? WHO IS THE AUTHOR? WHERE CAN I BUY?” So to give my readers a rundown of my FAVORITE sources – of prayers, reflections, inspirations, insights and wisdom, here are the 12 books that I treasure. In order of acquisition (bottom to top): MY BIBLES 1. NIV (New International Version) Life Application Bible – My very first Bible. I was hooked on reading it because it had a schedule so you could read the Bible in 1 year (which to me is a good kind of pressure since its a timetable) AND it had explanations at the bottom of every page that expounds on the scriptures so you could better understand the context, the names of people and places and how they are significant to the story. What I love about it: It has practical life application content. It answers or gives you tips on “How do I apply what I just read in real life?” There are character profiles […]


September first was truly a triple celebration as I formally shared MummyBites to a handful of close friends and family; as we kicked off the Christmas season and enjoyed our very first Christmas party for 2016; as well as my very very advanced birthday party! Because my birthday is also on  Christmas day and so it is always a double celebration in our family. But last Thursday was much more special and it was a TRIPLE CELEBRATION! More so because I had THREE things I shared for the first time to everyone.  Truly good things come in threes! August was an extraordinarily blessed month. I received great news which I chose to publicly announce to my favorite people at my favorite breakfast place over my favorite kind of food – breakfast! The launch was held at the Early Bird Breakfast Club at Eastwood Mall. Upon arrival my guests had welcome smoothies from Jamba Juice. They had a choice between Mango and their newest mix, Pomegranate, as well as canapé for appetizer – crostini with breakfast pate and Early Bird Breakfast Club’s unique-tasting, best-selling bacon jam to enjoy while the place filled up. What I love about Jamba Juice smoothies is that they are […]