Hello! Hello! Hello! If you are reading this for the first time, I would like to thank you for making it to my passion page. I hope you would constantly visit to see if anything would appeal to your interest. Be it refreshingly new and simple recipes of timeless dishes you can prepare for your loved ones; enlightening devotionals to get you through the day; stress-relievers from Gummy’s stories, videos and anecdotes or thoughts on modern (solo) parenting; fitspiration to fuel you on your journey to a better and healthier version of YOU or just simply to discover new random finds and places to visit with the FamBam. I pray this will be the first of your many frequent visits! I am writing this “Welcome Article” to my Day 1 readers a few hours from the official launch. And as I sit down and reflect on the past month – from the day I decided to make a blog and I bought my domain name to today as I am about to share it with the public, I couldn’t help but smile and just say THANKS. Thank You, God for planting the idea in my heart. Thank you for enabling […]

MAMA KAT: “Be stronger than your strongest excuse!”

I live by that mantra since I started this fitness journey. I am a very busy mom of 2 and with zero help. Name it, I do it. Getting a fitness routine is the most challenging issue that ever existed for Moms. You will always have the best excuse to fool yourself. But let me tell you this: Laziness fuels laziness. The more you succumb into a vicious cycle of letting yourself go, the more it will ruin you in the long run. Mothers are the core of the society! Yes, you heard it right! Core! Foundation! Everyone depends on us. You have to be strong physically for your kids, and that means you have to love yourself with all your might by taking care of yourself above anyone else.  Eating well is another thing. You have to nourish your body with unprocessed food. It is not that hard really, just take out all the junk in your home. Because believe me, if it is in your kitchen, you will end up eating it!  Now back to working out… I have created the #bodybymamakat circuit specifically for Moms. I can only teach what has worked for me. My Instagram account […]


If there was a Pinoy dish that I was very eager to make as a first-time cook, it was Laing. I am sure that you will all agree that there is something about Laing that makes you drool and scream for rice. You GATA love Laing! (Another witty wordplay right there! Kidding!!!) Laing as most know is quite a tricky dish to cook especially when you are under experienced in the kitchen. Some say if you do not do it properly, the gabi that you add tend to make your tongue itchy. However I still pushed for this dish. Although I have had some tantrums that my Mom and Wowa (who are great cooks in their own right and kitchens!) had to endure along the way as I perfected this recipe. I remember one time I wanted to cook Laing for a group of people at work. I was so confident I could do it. And it turned out undercooked as the aing leaves didn’t quite absorb the coconut cream  while the bottom was already burnt! And the gabi was nothing but MAKATI! I felt I could still remedy it ON MY OWN. But my very thoughtful Wowa, in her […]


My parenting principles are deeply rooted in my faith foundation as a Christian woman. I am able to successfully and single-handedly parent my happy and healthy little girl because of the values that my church (CCF) has been teaching me since day one (since September 2011) as well as the truths that the Bible contain and reiterate. And I can only attribute my parenting skills (though still need great polishing but nonetheless effective) to my sealed relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Because of the GREAT love that I know He has for me and I feel from Him, I am able to give, secure and teach the same to my daughter. (Remember, you cannot give what you do not have, right?) So allow me to share with you my very first published testimony of how the Lord has called me through the life of my daughter, and that same calling and turning point that He used that enabled me to be an effective parent to her. Because truly, apart from Him, I can do nothing. I am nothing. (John 15:5) I would like to believe that I AM A GREAT PARENT because of MY GREAT, LOVING  HEAVENLY […]